It’s Zakk Wylde Time…

I wanna share with you 2 quotes of his that I think will do wonders for your guitar playing and practicing sessions.

Now heres a guitar beast if there ever was one. And he uses fundamentals every morning. The basics.

He is a Guitar Titan that has taken over the music industry in the Heavy Rock arena and made things go HIS way.

From Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist at 19 years old to Black Label Society (His own band) to his latest releases as a solo artist.

This guy has some Savage Guitar Practicing Wisdom that will hit you like a ton of bricks.


You’ve probably seen them somewhere or read them before but they’re worth mentioning a thousand times. Its timeless yet priceless advice.

Sort of like practicing guitar…you have to repeat things until they’re engrained in the space between you’re ears.


Here’s Numero Uno:

“When I first started playing, I’d practice every chance I could. I’d get home from school at about 2:30 in the afternoon and practice until dinner time. Then I’d stop, grab something to eat and go back up to my room and jam until about 11 o’clock or midnight. There was a period when I was putting in something like nine or 10 hours a day! Nowadays, I can’t always do that because I’ve got shit to do, whether it’s doing press, picking up the kids, cleaning up Rottweiler crap, getting yelled at by the wife or whatever. So I try to take advantage of whatever free time I have and cram in as much practicing as I can. I mean, even if you only get in half an hour, that still means you’re going to be half an hour better when you’re done.

– Zakk Wylde


Keep those fingers moving and if that quote doesnt inspire you as a guitarist who wants to improve on his craft then I dont know what will.

Here’s another one: These are worthy of posting up on your wall or your practicing area and looking at them on a daily or regular basis.


Number 2:

“I don’t care who you are, the bottom line is this: if you want to play something bad enough and you practice it enough, you’ll eventually get it. It’s a matter of repetition. You gotta start off slow, and then just do it over and over and over. There are no short cuts, either; you just have to practice your ass off and play through things a million times. That’s how I do it. For example, I’ll take a run and then practice it for days and days until I can play it fast. There’s no slacking off, either—use it or lose it, bro.”

– Zakk Wylde


After you’re done practicing of course…Check out his latest album “Book of Shadows II” and his website here….Zakk Wylde.

Final Thoughts

If a professional guitar player that tours the world and keeps doing it throughout his entire life still wakes up and practices every morning…what does that tell you?