Your Best Days Are Out In Front Of You

Look forward, not backwards to yesterday and how you couldn’t play that piece of music as well as you wanted to, look forward to the day that you WILL be able to play it, because you will. And look at the ones that you can already play.

You might think that it comes easy for some of us when in fact nothing is really easy. If it were, we would probably lose interest.

We all have it hard.

Some of us just put in more time and while there are some who seem to get it easier than others it doesn’t mean they haven’t put in the time or are free of any challenges or obstacles.

This is what makes the reward feel so good when we reach it, the fact that we had to struggle to get it. Without wind (resistance), birds could not fly, without struggle (resistance), we could not grow and sharpen our skills.

A goal, especially one worth it to you is not going to be easy. It will be tough, and once you accept this it becomes easier. When you are honest with yourself and look at things objectively and not how you want them to be you gain a much better sense of what you need to do to get the job done.

I’ve always thought that we are much more capable than we think we are or give ourselves credit for. Tell yourself that you can play what you want to play. Tell yourself that you already do.

Act as If

Act as if you’re already there, not in arrogant way, but in the things you need to do. For example, if you were already a rock star or a pro level player, what would you be doing today? There’s untapped potential inside of all of us. Its a matter of time, hard work, perseverance and patience.

Give yourself time.

Don’t beat yourself up. Be strong willed and rise above anything and everything that comes your way. Resolve today to overcome all obstacles that might come your way.

DECIDE To Take Action

The player that takes his mistakes, looks at them constructively and DECIDES to take action on them moves ahead. This means looking at your mistakes and saying, “Ok, now I know what I need to work on.” He tells himself that he can do this. He knows that things don’t come easy nor do they come around on the first try.

He knows that it takes several hundred repetitions or maybe more to master a piece of music. Some may go into the thousands, if you don’t believe me picture for a second all the athletes in your favorite sport who have done the same drill thousands of times, or have done thousands of pushups over the years, or thousands of free throws, thousands of reps at the gym, thousands of swings in the batting cage, so that when they step up to the plate it’s like second nature to them. It’s natural for these athletes to do things so many times that it’s almost hard to comprehend. That’s what makes it look easy to the rest of us. We don’t see the blood, sweat and tears they went through. We only see the glory.


Ask Yourself Questions

Ask yourself if you’ve gone over your scales or your leads or your rhythm sections enough times that you can do them on the spot. Frank Gambale is a virtuoso player and you can tell just by watching a section of one of his instructional videos that he’s gone over his scales thousands of times.

He is a monster player and if he had to do things many times over then you can learn a lot about yourself and what you need to do to become who you want to be. Ask yourself, “When would ‘now’ be a good time to do it?” – Tony Robbins Turn Your Failure Into Fuel Don’t let the failure of playing it correctly right away decide the rest of your musical life. This will hinder you. It will crush you. Its procrastination disguised. Its the enemy telling you to give up.


use it as fuel to know what you need to do again and again until you get it and don’t stop until you do.

If you think all the great players were able to do the things they do now without failing at it first, you’re simply wrong.

You must go through this kind of struggle before you can get to be great. It wont be handed to you. There is no free ride. Its a reward you get from hard work.

This is extremely important because It’s sort of like a test. Will you pass it? I believe you can.


Develop a YES Mentality.

If you develop a YES mentality you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish. – Jeffrey Gitomer.

Not only do too many people give up, too many people with great ideas and great music give up. This is only cheating the rest of us of what you have to offer. In other words I wanna hear what you have to play. I need to hear it. It’s inspiration. Just like watching a movie or going to a concert. It inspires the next person. It inspires us all and inspiration is contagious. Give us your everything, give us what you got.

Everything you’ve got.

Once you see these things as truth, your days only get better. Your best days haven’t hit you yet, they haven’t arrived yet, but they are coming. They are on their way and the more you practice, the faster they will come.




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About Author: I am a solo artist and guitar teacher. I teach guitar lessons in the Miami, Fl area and if you would like to know more about music and playing guitar you can simply email me.