How to Write a Victory List

Ever since I was into self improvement, I’ve been listening to this stuff about gratitude lists and gratitude attitudes. This post is about gratitude lists. Sort of. Call it what you wish. But it works. It gives you perspective. I call it my Victory list. I pick 5 things from my day that were positive. That’s it. I call those my 5 victories.


What you Need?

An attitude of gratitude. Without this you’re not gonna write anything down. You have to learn how to be grateful with what you have right now in your life at this given second. Go ahead and do it now. Stop reading this post and list 5 things about yesterday or today that were good. I used to call this list…”Good Things.” This helped elevate my mood simply by reflecting on my day and realizing that I wasn’t seeing the good things in my life. It then became a habit and I still use it to this day. I don’t do it everyday but I do it as much as possible and my list never stops at just 5. I’ve gone up to as much as 21 or higher.

A journal.

Get a $1 journal or notebook at the dollar store or get a higher priced one. It doesn’t really matter. I believe it to be better when you actually write with a pen and paper but the most important thing is that you actually do it. Actually list the 5 things. And put the date on it. I used to use the Notes app on my phone but realized I wanted a journal better. So now I have 3 or 4 journals lying around from all the years I’ve been doing this.


That’s it. An attitude of gratitude and a journal. 

I bet you that you can come up with 5 good things about your day. And if you can’t, you need to change what you do throughout the day.

Here is my list from last night.

I either put the number “5” or the word “Victories” above at the top of the page. Really think hard about your day. You’ll see its usually the little things that count.

  1. Went to a party.
  2. Played 4 songs live.
  3. Was in Boca Raton for 2 nights this past week.
  4. Thinking of moving to Boca.
  5. Counterpoint. A book on the techniques of counterpoint by Walter Piston who also wrote Harmony, and Orchestration.
  6. “Edge of the Ocean” – a guitar solo in G# Harmonic Minor that I started transcribing from an improvisation session I had recorded several months back. This was especially interesting because the solo sounded very Neoclassical, the sound I’m going for, and love, in my music.
  7. Alexander. My nephew. Any day with him in it is a good day.
  8. Now this may sound offensive but I was impressed by some breasts on a woman that I was talking with. Hey, that’s always a good thing.
  9. Took a walk with my Nephew and ended up on the floor wrestling in the park and laughing loudly with him.
  10. Spoke to my other 2 nephews in Maryland where my brother and his wife Rebecca live. I hadn’t spoken to them in a long time.
  11. The 4 songs that I’ve been working on. “Tell Me,” “Edge of the Ocean,” “Spellbind,” and “Make it Bleed.”

The most important thing to take away from this is making this a HABIT.!

I hope you liked this post. Read some of my other ones if so, chances are you will like them too. Thanks for reading. 😉