One Way to supplement your income as a musician or any other career is to drive for Uber.





What is Uber Exactly? Here is Wikipedia’s Take On it. 

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.[2][3] As of May 28, 2016, the service is available in over 66 countries and 479 cities worldwide.[4][5] Since Uber’s launch, several other companies have copied its business model, a trend that has come to be referred to as “Uberification”

Uber is the kind of country goes into 66 countries and 450 or so cities worldwide. (A company that has a name that means – (having the specified property to an extreme or excessive degree; very)


Uber was founded as “UberCab” by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009 and the app was released the following June. Beginning in 2012, Uber expanded internationally. In 2014, it experimented with carpooling features and made other updates. Klout ranked the San Francisco-based company as the 48th-most powerful company in America in 2014.[8] By late-2015, Uber was estimated to be worth $62.5 billion.[9]The legality of Uber has been challenged by governments and taxi companies, who allege that its use of drivers who are not licensed to drive taxicabs is unsafe and illegal.[10]

I say that last line.. IS ALL BULLSHIT. UNSAFE AND ILLEGAL is …HEARSAY. I think its safer… and legal… 100 percent.


When Fear Sets In

Fear is a tricky bastard. Theres Fear of change. Fear of a new and better way of doing things. Dont let Fear run your life.

Who Exactly is Uber For?

Well it can be for anybody. If you want to make side cash or even full-time cash ….you should highly consider it.

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I say if you dont have anything else then go ahead and drive full time. Ive heard of other drivers driving full-time but the hours are more than full-time so I don’t see the point. I myself have 2 sources of income. This is a path to FREEDOM. Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want and for as long as you want.


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Story #1

(Actually one of the riders coined this term and I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I really liked that ride. It was 4 of us in the car. Me, a lady next to me in the front seat and another lady in the back seat and a young girl also in the back seat.

Lets rewind for a second so I can give you a visual of how this got started…

I actually picked up the young girl first. When I say young she was definitely in her late teens or early twenties. I picked her up on South Beach and her boyfriend walked her to the car. I found out later that it was actually her second date with the guy. She could have fooled me as I thought they were holding hands or he had his arm around her or something like that.

We then proceed and its pretty quiet although we speak a few words until we pick up the other two riders because this was an UBER POOL ride which means you ride with strangers going to more or less the same location.

It doesn’t mean that a POOL of cars drives together like when the President goes somewhere as one rider once thought it was. 🙂

They begin talking in the back seat and for the rest of the ride it was a lecture to the younger girl that if she didn’t like him or feel him that she should just move on.

She was a little unsure about what to do so the older ladies (who weren’t old btw..just older) gave her some solid advice. It was one of the coolest rides to see that perfect strangers were helping each other out. I thought that was pretty cool.

 Another Ride.

My 3rd day. I reach South Beach’s Clevelander and I see 2 guys. This is the week during Spring Break. So I said to myself okay here we go a couple of guys who are drinking, easy ride down to the hotel they’re staying at.

They come to my window and tell me “Hey bro, the Uber is not for us its for our friend,” Now no disrespect to the friend but the friend was maybe 300 pounds and totally discombobulated drunk. He could not speak words.

He could not speak any word even it was slowly attempted. The only thing he could do was Grunt. So he grunted all the way to the hotel. His boys had told me to go and take him and to make sure that he gets to his room.

I obliged since he handed me a 20$ tip aside from the Uber fare and was on my way. We got to the hotel and I had to hold him up with his arm around me all the way to the elevator and then up to the floor he was on.

We get to the door and realizes he doesnt have his key. Thank God someone was in there and was sleeping. So he knocked (pretty damn loudly and repeatedly) until his friend opened the door. Everything was cool. I walked away with a smile and thought…”this one is for the books.”

Little did I know that other stories would top this one. Here we go.

The guy who was humping a table in the middle of South Beach on Ocean Drive who was going to get arrested.

A complete stranger saw him and decided to help him. God Bless that guy because he saved him. He called the Uber for him and I showed up. This guy had to be helped in the car as if he was on a stretcher.

The ride was only a few streets away so that was good because I thought he was gonna hurl all over my back seat at one point but he didn’t, he hurled as soon as we got to his place.

This guy was not conscious. I mean he was conscious like 1 percent. His buddies from inside the apartment had to come out and help him. “Thats another one for the books,” I thought.

The Drunk Girl and The Breast.

This had to be the best one so far. I hope she doesn’t ever see this. I don’t mention names so I should be pretty safe. I don’t even remember her name, all I remember was a beautiful breast. Hey, Im a guy what can I say.

So I pick her up like 2 am and say hi. No response. This girl is tanked. She dives into the back seat as if she was diving in to second base at the World Series. Her feet up agains the window and she’s face down.

I begin to hear moans as if she is orgasming. Yes. Orgasming. Did I spell that right? Is that a word?

I ask her if she is alright and she just moans back at me. I ask her if she wants to get out or if she wants me to stop the car. She responds with a silent but deadly gas from the ass that I will never forget. This is true.

A few minutes later after I clear my head from the shock I ask her again if she’s alright because I hear her moaning again. She just moans back.

So we finally get to her location and I sort of had to wake her up. She gets up and out pops the most beautiful breast you ever saw. Nipple staring straight at me as if saying “here boy, this is all yours.” I snap out of it and play the gentleman and help her to her gate after she covered up of course.

I hope she made it home because she was seriously wobbling as she walked away.

I will remember that breast for a long time to come.  It was big, plump, hard nipple, just right.

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I make as much as I decide to drive.

How it Saved Me.

All of my bills are now being payed.

People Ive Met.

  • Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Tourists
  • Entrepreneur/physical trainer for the Dolphins.
  • Guy from Bougainvilleas – a club where they play live music and invited me to call him so that I can play there.

So there you have it. It can be a networking vehicle as well.

Be proactive and get in the car and drive some people around. Dont go by every  story you hear on the news about Uber.

Those stories happen outside of Uber too.

And a lot more.


Why you should drive for Uber.


4 Types of Uber Drivers

  1. UberX. This is me.
  2. UberXL
  3. LUX
  4. LUX SUV

How I Got Started

My first ride I was nervous. I should’ve started way back when they told me to but whatever the past is the past.

I was concerned to be honest. It was like a new thing and I had trouble with the life change.

I felt like a loser.

So after much deliberation and back and forth. What was key for me was to keep looking for a way that made sense for me to start driving.

I then found my Reason. You need a Reason. More on that at the bottom.

So my circumstances got a little worse and I said fuck it one day my neighbor told me to drive and that he was doing like 20 hrs a week and that it was going well.

Soon after a friend referred me to drive and told me that I would get 25 bucks just for signing up so I said “you know what fuck it I’m not really a loser let me just go drive.” The first week was the greatest week because now I went from being supported to paying all my bills.

So Im paying all my bills and as of today Ive been with Uber for three months. I’m one of the top partners  because my rating is above the top drivers which have a 4.84 rating. I’ve been consistently above that since day one.


Why you’re not driving for uber may be because of your fear. You hear shit on the radio and you see shit on the on the news about these crazy people but let me something make something very, very clear to you OK ?

You’re not making any freaking sense because bad things happen all the time in every single part of the city. So for you to rationalize and catastrophize over something that happened with Uber is just letting your fear ru you. Go out and get it if you’ve been thinking about it. It’s purely that simple.

Go out and get it and stop being broke.

So my first couple rides I was nervous. Whatever… I just went out and did it and you know it was like the easiest thing in the world to make money. Not only was I paying my bills but I had the freedom to come on whenever I wanted to drive.

There is absolutely no reason for you to be afraid.

Let Fear run your life and it might run it forever.

I drive in the middle of sometimes the worst neighborhoods and I’ve never had a problem. If I see something sketchy I just stay away from it.. you don’t have to pick up everybody.

If you get to a bad neighborhood simply turn the app off and go to a more pleasant neighborhood. Its that simple. No one is gonna call you. No one is gonna tell you a thing for turning the app off and going to a new neighborhood.

I know and I have heard adamant people who have quit her job and gone full-time. “My boss used to ride me and I was never going to get paid more.” He left, drives full-time and is working on his own terms and paying his bills. And best of all…answering to no one. Ok, maybe his wife.


Here are some of the benefits of Driving:

  • more time with the family
  • more time with the family (yes I wrote that twice)
  • more time to run your errands
  • more time to sleep
  • more time on your dream
  • more time in your business
  • more time for songwriting
  • more time to rehearse and practice
  • more time for school

Who doesn’t want more time to sleep and who wants to call somebody to let them know they feel like shit.

Answer : No one.


The Night Shift and the Weekends.

You’re going to pick up drunk people. Think about it you’re minimizing drunk driving. Some people will never call a cab and drive home drunk because a cab is super expensive.

I get an overwhelming positive response from all the riders and they say it’s very convenient.

I know a lady who got her car stolen who had a Mercedes-Benz. She said she’s not gonna put more money into a new car. “Im gonna stick it out and see how it goes…its much cheaper than owning a car.” To each his own.

So many of you with the fear talk: I’m gonna think about it.

What if I get in an accident?

Insurance insurance insurance blah blah blah…you must be a bad driver.

Surge Pricing

You get more money in fares. Sometimes up to 4x the amount. Really though this is not a reason to go and drive its more like 1.3 -2.0x the rate that you will see on weekends.

Rare case:

I got a ride at 4.8 times the natural rate. What does that mean? That means if that ride was $10… I got $48 for it. I’ve heard numerous and countless stories like this and some have been in the hundred dollar range.

DO NOT CHASE the surges unless you are extremely close by because It’ll be gone by the time you get there.

Learning the Rhythm of Your City.

I think this will take you about 2 months of consistent driving to figure out when and where are the best spots to go. Uber will tell you what times and where the most In Demand Spots in your city are through email. This is very helpful. Look at it and follow it.

Then after you go out a few times you’ll realize that you might need to adjust it a bit. For example. The middle of the night for me works great sometimes during the week but this is not a high demand time …but it does work for me.

For Those of You Who Are Bored or Out of Work

It’s your life, you’re the fucking boss. It’s exhilarating and freeing to be your own fucking boss. To tell you the truth You ARE your own boss anyway.

You choose what you do every day.

Its just that w Uber you don’t answer to anyone. No one. Zilch. There is no gossip around the office. There is no one talking smack about you. Its you, the road and your riders and for the most part its been a really fun experience.

Ive met people from ALL parts of the world. From China to Australia, Austria, Montreal, (really good looking bunch of girls) which brings me to the boys.

Boys, single? The weekends on the beach are loaded with party animals and they all need rides from club to club. There is nothing stopping you from getting off with them, partying and then calling your own Uber back home.

Absolutely nothing stopping you.

And Ladies…this goes the same for you. Theres single guys, all ages always getting into my car. Take advantage of it. I think you’ll have some fun.



A lot of riders and friends ask me has anyone thrown up in your car? The answer is always no. Its up to you whether you want to let someone outrageously drunk into your car.

Think of it this way, nobody wants to throw up in somebody else’s car right? Yes it happens but its very rare. I think if you think about that kind of stuff you’ll attract it so I just don’t think about it.

Your Family might think your Nuts and Get Scared for You.

This is Complete, Irrational Thinking.

Your family will think you’re fucking nuts. I never told my family because of the opposition I would get. I just started driving. There are far scarier things in life.

Make money.

People change when they see the green.


What Type of Car Do you Need

You need a four-door. And one made after 2005. My suggestion is that if you meet the requirements to go out and meet some people and make some new friends and make some fucking money doing it.

Explore the city, drive around South never know what you’re gonna encounter…I mean that in a good way. There’s places in this city I’ve never been to and I’ve been here all my life. In all honesty…I love driving.

So You Just Want some extra cash

  • you know you want that cashmere sweater
  • you know you want those shoes
  • you know you want the purse
  • you know you want that guitar
  • you know you want that car
  • you know you want to take that girl out

Pay Schedule

Uber pays you weekly and after that you can get paid daily. Imagine that.

A check in your account every week.


You can make extra money by referring other drivers to sign up. I’m not a big referral guy I just like the job but you can make money that way.

All Things Aside

I’m not at all telling you to quit your job and go drive for Uber… I’m speaking to those thinking about driving for Uber.

Go for it.

Here’s my referral code…


You’re going to get 25 bucks just for starting to drive. While its not much, its an incentive.

And totally optional.

Driving for Uber.

Leave any comments and concerns below. You can also ask me anything..



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