Become a warrior

Turn yourself into a warrior. Step down from the stands and into the arena like a gladiator of the days of Rome.


Fight for your freedom. Fight for what you want. For your desire. There are things working against you that you cannot see.

You cannot see them right now because you’re not looking. You’re too busy pursuing your dream. Keep pursuing your dream. The more you keep pursuing the more those things working against you will fall to the way side.

Keep staying busy. Success comes when you’re in Motion.

Keep walking down the path to the arena, keep your mind focused on the gladiators, not the fans.

The gladiators are the musicians you respect and admire. Everybody else is just a fan. Don’t be a fan, be a gladiator.

“I want to fight and fight but it’s time to sleep.”

Every night you should want to fight, even when you’re going to bed but cannot, because you are sleepy.

You should say to yourself “I’m a fighter, a warrior and I carry on til the mission is done.”

Turn yourself into a musical warrior

Music is everywhere. It’s inside the headphones of every gym rat across the country. Across the globe. It’s in every office and every factory blaring out the radio to make their dull day go by a little quicker. The power of music is undeniable.

If you are who you say you are and that’s a musician, then become a musical warrior for your music and songs. The music is inside you for a reason. It’s not inside you just by chance. It was given to you. Use it. Use it wisely. Share it with the world because you have something to say.

Don’t keep it locked up in your heart or on your desktop. Turn up the volume for the rest of the world to hear it.. and to see and benefit from it. It does nothing sitting on your computer, it does nothing for you to feel afraid of what people think of it.

It does nothing for you to be someone in the stands, and not in the arena fighting… with blood, sweat and tears, and marred by dust and hard work. Remember that good old Teddy Roosevelt quote? Yep, that’s the one.

Keep Pushing

You got it in you you got to keep pushing and pushing and pushing until there’s no more push.


That’s the reason for pushing, that’s why you can push, because there’s going to be a point where you can’t push no more and all the pushing is going to make you stronger. And the stronger you are, the stronger we are because we listen to your music based on what you went through during your pushing season.

So what if you have a 9-5 job and/or a family. Carve out time to play and if you are doing so then I salute you. This message is not for the strong, but for the weak and timid soul who has been told otherwise. That he or she cannot be free and must be oppressed and confine to the norms . Keep pushing and carve out that time, its been done before. I believe in you, and now its time for YOU, to believe in You.


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Til next time,