How to Rekindle your Fire when YOUR Flames become mere embers

Here are some things to consider. Get Mad! Yes get mad, in a healthy way. I don’t mean for you to start throwing things around. I mean get up and start taking action.

Sometimes it’s a depressed state of mind that has us thinking that we can’t play what we want, or that we aren’t good enough. It’s simply not true. The truth is we can play exactly what we want if we keep pushing forward.

It won’t come easy. You’ve got to rekindle your fire. Getting angry in a healthy way, not in a destructive way can help you get past some of the stuff that’s been holding you back.

Olympians are sometimes trained to get mad as a psychological technique to stand strong in the face of adversity, such as in the violent environment of competition.

Football players get angry all the time. And so do rugby players. You can use anger in a healthy way and it can be highly effective. It’s really ok to get mad.

Don’t overdo it or hurt anyone in the process and you’ll be ok. So get up, get mad, and try it again and again until you get it right. Pick up your guitar and start playing that thing. Crank it UP!

Listen to Your Favorite Music

We can get lost in a bunch of music that is not really moving us a hundred percent. I believe the trick is that you have to keep seeking those bands or musicians that really make you go, “wow that was insane!” This certainly rekindles my fire every single time. Listen to some Anthrax riffs, Killswitch Engage, Joe Stump, George Bellas….anyone of these will do.

In order to rekindle your fire you can’t be passive about it you must be proactive. This seems like it would be common sense but in the everyday hustle of life, sometimes we can forget to listen to those CD’s that really get us going.

What would really be nice, is to feel on fire all the time but life things get in the way. We should have our favorite music nearby when our inspiration starts to dwindle and the fire starts to burn out. So crank it up!

Rekindle your fire by Writing Goals Down

Rekindle your fire by writing goals down. This is much simpler than it actually sounds. For example, a goal can be epic, something that won’t get done for more than ten years, or it can be something as simple as getting one song done.

In other words, finish it. You started it, now get it done. It an even be a (part of a song) that isn’t finished yet. Focus on that and get er’ done. Another goal can be to record some of your ideas for future songs.

Recording will really tell you what you need to work on and can be really fun to listen to. If you do this consistently I guarantee you that you will have some fun riffs and ideas that will have you begging to listen to it at full volume in your car. Take a short drive and let her rip.

You might end up listening to it for several days in a row and this can really keep you inspired. I do this all the time and it works like a charm.

The hard part is actually turning on your phone to start recording it.

You can then burn a CD or keep it on your phone and listen to it while you drive to work or while you’re working out.

Out of little goals, spawn greater goals and they can boost your confidence so much that you get used to writing and eventually hitting, your goals.

The more goals you hit, the better and more confident you feel. The better you feel, the better your playing will be.


Learn Something New

Take another lesson. Buy an instructional product online or at the store. Look for a new lick. Try to play a scale you barely ever use. All of these things can be little triggers that can spark an afternoon of playing, or even an all night session for you. Don’t doubt the small things. They can turn into really big things like Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. It started as a 4 note motive. Ta ta ta dum.

Maybe the backing tracks you are using, if you’ve already burned through them, need to be replaced by buying new ones and ripping through them for several hours.  Look online, there are always new backing tracks hitting the internet. Find some that you really feel. Then again, let her rip.

Watch your favorite player on YouTube

The other day I watched Paul Gilbert and in his video he was giving examples of things you can do with rhythm.

This immediately translated into a new riff. Sometimes it’s all you need. He’s not even my favorite player. The trick is to keep searching, keep seeking until something triggers your emotions and gets you up off the chair, and plugged into your amp.

Another thing you can do to rekindle your fire for guitar playing is to get away and go do something fun.

Get your mind totally off of music and your guitar for a good while, and do something that is totally unrelated. Like a movie, or hanging out with your non-musical friends, or even your family. It can be anything really.

When you come back, your mind will be fresh and ready to rip into some scorching lead or some funky blues rhythm or whatever it is that you love to play.

You’ll be re-energized.

Your battery will be charged, your fire will be burning and when you are in this state you are highly likely, to be exceptionally efficient.

Working out can be one of the best ways to do this one. Hit the iron and you’ll see what I mean. Weights are a perfect compliment to shredding on the guitar. One afternoon of working on your arms perfecting your biceps will give you strength to master those 3 NPS scales and even those 4 NPS. Try it.


P.S. Try at least one of these things today, don’t wait, you are reading it for a reason. If you needed one, there it is. There are several things mentioned above. If one doesn’t work, try the other. Keep trying. Keep playing and I hope that I have led you to something that will get you up and going again with a burning fire in your soul.

Rekindle your fire by following one or more of these steps and you will see how it works for you. Let me know how it goes.

Happy Shredding…