Of course this won’t suit everyone but I guarantee it will do wonders for some of you. If it helps one person then I feel I’ve done my job. Hopefully it inspires more of you. Feel free to add your own lists in the comments section!

I’ve been reading ever since 2000 and nigh. Information gets me high.

Read on for some great books.




  • THE WAR OF ART – by Steven Pressfield – my number one favorite book of all time this book is so banged up.. it’s looks like a truck ran over it and a homeless person used it to sleep on. It has creases and highlighting and writing and underlining all on the same page. I mean to me it’s a spectacle. By far the greatest book I’ve ever read. If this book doesn’t light a fire under your ass and you are a creative person then I don’t know what will. Buy it Now. Today. This is probably my all time number one book on my list of books.


  • DAILY RITUALS (How Artists Work) – by Mason Currey. This book contains some of the daily habits of the greatest and most influential writers, poets, philosophers, musicians of our time. Do not miss out on this gem of inspiration. It will make you want to work on your craft three hours a day nonstop and it won’t even be a thing.



  • MASTERY – by Robert Greene. This book has some of the most badass writing I’ve ever come across. His style and his imaginativeness. His boldness in his writing and his storytelling are second to none. If you want to master something, this will inspire you to get started right now right away today. One of the best books I’ve ever read hands down.


  • NO EXCUSES..The Power of Self Discipline – by Brian Tracy. This is the famous book of multi-millionaire (from rags to riches) Brian Tracy. I’ve listened to a lot of his audio products. You may want to as well. This is where the famous quote hit me and started to finally change my life and improving it. It hit me like a ton of bricks “No one is coming to your rescue.”



  • JEFFREY GITOMER’S LITTLE GOLD BOOK OF YES! ATTITUDE – This attitude book by Jeffrey will not only change your life but it will change the way you think. It will get you started in thinking positively. I had a supremely negative attitude and this book is one of the mile markers in my long journey towards positivity. I was cynical. This book has a quote that says: “Once my house burned down.. I could see the moon more clearly.” Now who the in their right mind would think something like that. Answer: A supremely positive person.