Why Thinking that You Don’t Need to Learn Anything New is Total Annihilation of What Your Future Could Be

The “I Don’t Need to Learn Anything New” Mindset from hell came from the devil himself. He creeped up on your shoulder and dumped it in your ear canal and it crept all the way up into your brain. And the best part is ….you didn’t even notice.

That’s the Devil’s greatest trick as they say. Convincing you that he doesn’t exist.


You Really Don’t Know Jack

This is the worst mindset that you can possibly have. If you think you know everything you’re wrong, every day you need to learn something new.

Socrates said, “I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”

If professional athlete’s, top business executives, along with successful people are constantly learning and feeding their brain, what makes you think that you have nothing to learn?


This is absolutely… Ludicrous

What’s happening is you’re not feeding your curiosity.

You WANT to know but you Do NOTHING.

In other words You TALK and don’t WALK.

You close your eyes and pray, while the walkers SOLVE THE ISSUE.