So Im doing an Uber ride tonight and my rider…she starts talking about this book called, “The Magic of Thinking Big.” I think I’ve heard of it but I never got around to it. I think it may even be on my book wishlist on Amazon. The title struck me because Ive been looking for something lately.

the magic of thinking big
Corey Agopian
Ive been looking for something I can chew on.

Some truth…something with some depth. After a few letdowns from people, such as a date thinking I’m going to wait for her to come around some time this century, a sibling relationship gone awry…I need some of the good stuff. The successful people, motivational, get up off your ass type stuff.

2 nights ago, I found it. It was “Iron Ambition” by Mike Tyson. It goes into his life with his trainer Cus d’Amato. Really good book so far but I just got the sample because I didn’t want to shell out the 15 for the Kindle version. I’d rather have it in my hands, so I’ll wait til next week or so.

For now, although I don’t have the book, there are many videos and reviews and probably blog posts… scattered all over the interwebs about the THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG. Even by small minded people.

I must admit, Ive thought big before. But then that was it. Im not a consistent big thinker type of thinker.

Here are some things Im gonna focus on to start thinking like the big boys. Sort of like Elon Musk and his companies, or like Babe Ruth and his home runs or like Joe Stump and his records. One of his songs is called “N’ the Masters House” where he shreds for 8 minutes pretty much non-stop.

Why not?

Why not think big?


Things to Focus On

All around me are small minded people. And I mean this in a factual way, not in a demeaning way. Its true, hell, I admit it. Will they? Who knows and who really cares right? The big boys don’t care about what the small minds think. Theres no benefit. But there is a benefit in caring about what the big boys think about.

So I saw a video and immediately I needed to write.

Think big. Value yourself and believe in yourself. Excuses. Thats what the video covered. Pretty cool. I know I haven’t been thinking big. Ive been thinking like a mofo’ with my thoughts running rampant through my brain…like raindrops on a lake.

the magic of thinking big
Paul Rysz
So back to the people around me. Most people don’t want anything. They don’t think they can achieve it. Well these small minds can all kiss my ass and take a hike. Because if I let their thinking creep into my mind, I will be in the same boat and Im trying to skip ship. Im not trying to stay on that boat if you know what I mean.

These motherfuckers will tell you, “you can’t do it. Go get a real job. Forget it. Don’t do it. You’re not good enough.” “Whatever,” is what I say. And if you don’t like a little cursing, well then my friend, tough shit. Really, only small minds have a problem with cursing it seems. An entrepreneur, a virtuoso, a real person… curses all the time. You never hear a successful person say…”hey, watch your language man.” Thats for small people. Big boys know that going after big dreams….is gonna be like walking through hell and if you need to curse for a day and a half then by all means go ahead and do so.

Im more pissed off that you would even entertain those thoughts. A little cursing won’t kill my dreams. A little time around you may just crush whatever chances I have of making this thing work. So you know what? Fuck the negative nancies and small minded motherfuckers. They’re scared. Guess what? We all are. Fear is a human emotion. Its just that big thinkers don’t get bogged down with small thoughts. And that’s all those thoughts are. In fact, their teeny weeny thoughts and I want nothing to do with them.

Start thinking like a big boy. Like a record deal, with the hottest record label around. A beautiful lady friend by your side. Enough money to carry you both into the future. Start thinking that its in your grasp. Because it is. You have to believe it. If you don’t then you won’t get your dream. But if you do believe, then you might. And if you never, ever get your dream, then nothing happened. Meaning nothing bad happened. Something bad happening is not believing in yourself. I feel like people today are all fucked up and their ideals are all fucked up too. You grew up and your parents had this idea of a mediocre life and they were content with it. Only they didn’t think it was mediocre, they thought it was great. Thats the problem with small thinking.

Im not content. You’re not. And we shouldn’t be. So if you’re with me, lets start thinking like big boy motherfuckers. Its a great feeling. And if nothing happens then thats okay, it just means we need big boy ACTION behind the big boy thinking which leads me to the next topic…


Big Boy Actions

See, I’ve believed my entire life, and I still do. But I can’t begin to tell you the people who think Im butt-fucking crazy. Fuck those people. They do no good but to try and stifle your progress. If I could, I would tell them to shove it straight in their faces. And I’d mean it too. “Fuck you, because you deserve a fuck you.” You’re going to tell me that you are going to try to deter me from my dream? From what makes me happy? Ive got a few words for you my friend and they are all over this page.

See, none of these people took action on their dreams. They may have started, but then fell off the path and they wanna blame their kids, their job. Fuck you moron, you’re all excuses. Fuck you twice. See, you have to not give a fuck about what other people say or do. Thats the first action you must take.

What does this action look like? Picture yourself working on your project. Thats it. Thats the first action you take. You work on you. You do you. You think big and then you do you. Thats it. Fuck everybody else. NO one has any right to tell you what to do with your life but they all wanna chime in because they think they know you or whats good for you.

Let me fill you in on something. They dont have a good, damn clue about whats good for you. IF they did, they’d be you. They would be in your body, with your thoughts and your mind. So tune them out.


Action Numero 2

Write down and solidify your dream. Write it in words and then draw a picture of it. You’re on stage and theres thousands of fans and you have dollars coming in from merchandise and record sales. Do it. Thats action number 2. Action number one is to not give a fuck about what everyone thinks. Action number 2 is to solidify, make it rock hard, your dream in your mind.


Action number 3

Decide that you will never fucking give up no matter what the fucking cost. You can look at me like I’m batshit crazy and you can tell me that you think I’m insane and I’m still gonna have that desire in my heart. That desire was given to me by GOD himself. Aint no petty words from your petty little thinking mind gonna deter me from doing what I know is the only path for me.

J.K. Rowling, although a liberal and I don’t read Harry Potter or watch Harry Potter movies has a great story and a great quote from one of her speeches. I was able to record it on my phone but its so low in volume that I really have to listen in and listen to what she’s saying. This is what she said:

‘I dropped everything and did the only work that really mattered to me.’

The thing about dreams… you’re going to have opposition. You’re opposition will be so strong you will want to give up.

Unless you know the secret to dream getting.

Whats the secret to dream getting?

You train your mind every single day.

Thats the secret to dream getting.

Those who achieve their dreams are not deterred. Those who never dream were doomed from the beginning and those who dont reach their dreams was because they didn’t have enough mental fortitude.

Now I’m not successful. So who am I to tell you how it is and what the path is like. Nobody really. But I’ve trained my mind enough times to know that I’m right. Maybe thats why I’m still after my dream. Heading on 20 years now.

In “Think and Grow Rich,” the secret is the power to use your mind.

Try talking to a normie about a book called “Think and Grow Rich,” and he’ll deter it from his mind as if its bad for him. But give him a cocktail and he will gladly enjoy it.

“Your mind’s all fucked up kid. Thats all I gotta say.”

I’ve been down the wrong road, now I’m on the right road. And its because I fail and I still stick to it that I may actually have a chance in hell.

Hey maybe I am successful.

I do what I love and I love what I do.

Do you?

Is money really necessary to be successful?

Some say yes. Some say no. But I’m gonna ask you to be truly honest with yourself. Would a million dollars a year really make you happy? or just make your life easier?

If you’re a musician then goddammit write music. If you’re a painter then paint dammit! If you’re a businessman then by all means do business like a boss!

Fuck all the naysayers and the haters and all the bullshit energy that goes into trying to deter us from our dreams.

Stand up and fight.

For your mind.

Once you believe that you can do…the (how to) appears. _ quote from – The Magic of Thinking Big.

Action Number 4 

Get rid of excuses. You are now a non excuse eating motherfucker. You will now go out into the world and conquer it. You will devour every mindset book, video and pdf that you get your hands on and then you will ACT on what you learn til the day that you die.

Learn. Act. Die.

Which leads me to God…

So where is GOD in all this? In the bible it says that man plans and GOD laughs. But what if you just have the wrong plans or the wrong dreams. Forget about the bullshit and dream a new dream. Forget the plans that didn’t work and write new ones with GOD in mind.

“What do you want me to do God?”

“What do you want from me?”…and then just listen. Every day be on the lookout. Throw every excuse in the trash. God didn’t put a dream in your heart for it not to come to fruition. He put it there because he wanted you to have your dream. Its His dream really, through you. You WANT it because He WANTS it for you.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to let the naysayers talk you out of it? Fuck em’.

There are bloggers out there with no FAITH, yet they think they dreamt their dreams themselves. “No moron, GOD put it in your heart.” The way I see it, things are black and white. You either serve GOD, or you serve the devil. Light or dark. Good or evil. Big or small.

Excuses be gone.

So lets recap so far.


4 Actions you must take on your dream.

  • Fuck what people think.
  • Solidify the (BIG) dream in your mind
  • You will never give up
  • Burn your excuses

On to Action Numero 5:


Action Number 5

Get your ass to work on your dream. Every single damn day of the rest of your fucking life. I dont care if they told you that you couldnt do it. I dont care if you dont have the time, you need to CARVE out time from your day.

Remember, “once you believe you can do…the how to develops.”

You will now become a motherfucking workhorse. A stallion.

the magic of thinking big
Lisa Lyne Blevins
Let this be the speech of your life. You will work until you are blue in the face but you will also take time to enjoy your life. You will work, then breathe and relax. Every night you are going to fight.

You are going to get in the arena every fucking night for the rest of your fucking life.

You will now think, “I can do this.” You will now believe that you are invincible, that you are well on your way to your dream.

But I will tell you this my friend, if you don’t get moving you will never gain momentum and without momentum your plane won’t fly.

What if you could be a millionaire? What if you could be a billionaire? What if you could be a rockstar? What if you could win 26 grammy awards like Quincy Jones? What if you could be the next King of Pop, or King of Rock, or Godfather of Metal, or a shred virtuoso, or a singer like Pavarotti. What if you could be the next big time blogger? Thinking small ain’t gonna cut it.

Some of you reading this are smiling and some of you are serious. Its you Mr. Serious, that I’m talking to. Believe it. It happens ALL the fucking time.

Ill leave you with this:

Get your ass to work.