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Mike here…

I want to talk to you today about CalmandCollected.com and an e-book by Dylan madden called “Think and Go Hustle.”

“Think and Go Hustle” is a book that reminds me of Think and Grow Rich. It reminds me of this book because of the title, but I like this book because it focuses on action. When you read Think and Grow Rich it’s almost like there’s no action involved, that’s the difference in becoming successful, it’s all about action. You have to become an “Action Jackson.”

Remember that movie?

To think and go hustle means to think and then act. Unlike Think and Grow Rich where I thought I just had to think my way through. It fails to give you the action part. Some people love it some don’t. I like the book but I never understood it correctly because there’s no action chapter. Sure it’s implied but forget it, buy Think and Go Hustle instead.

You are the creator of your thoughts and you can paint them, sculpt them, carve them to your liking with whatever colors you want, with whatever font you want… and with whatever landscape you want…all in your head.

I believe this is important because the clearer your vision is in your head, or the clearer your thought is in your mind…the more attainable the goal is.

I Appreciate “Think and Go Hustle”

I appreciate “Think and Go Hustle” for its fascinating explanation and pieces of advice about an often baffling subject of “how to hustle your way to success.” Dylan Madden’s advice is on how to create one’s game and not playing someone else’s, using his real-life experiences as a scenario… to enable readers to get a view on how to change their lives for the better.

I love the ideas and inspirations that come along with this book. Ideas like “creating a script on daily objectives to push one closer to fulfilling of his vision,” “focusing on energy for things that matter” and “meditating to set the mind right” …will always come in handy for prospective young hustlers.

The book presents something about Dylan’s experience (from driving for UBER to picking up trash in parking lots, hustling on Craigslist to co-founding a web design company).

think and go hustle review

It’s his life and he tells it with authenticity. He expresses his journey and tells you what people need exactly. They need to think and hustle their way to greatness.

Think and Go Hustle is well written, and has photos along with descriptions that give a clear idea of what Dylan Madden is presenting you.

I recommend this book to anyone who desires a guide on how to think and work their way toward success. Dylan Madden is a fantastic writer and “Think and Go Hustle” is a book that will never become antiquated.

The layout for this book was especially cool and something that I did not expect. It’s definitely a book of action and it guides you through the steps you need to take. I have

I have love for Think and Go Hustle because it shows someone out there living life how they want while being authentic. It inspires me and is guiding me on the way to building the life that I envision.

You don’t really need a novel on how to become successful. You need clear actionable steps that you need to take and then simply you have to take them.

Put one foot in front of the other and get it done.

Once you take these clear actionable steps you will be creating momentum. Momentum is the key, my friends, that will unlock the door to the next step and the next step and the next after that.

When you gain momentum you gain more clarity as well as more ideas on how to go about your journey.

I came across the above sentence when 3 years ago on Dylan’s blog. Two years later and Dylan is still growing. As a fellow Young Hustler seeing this shows the power of momentum.

Do yourself a favor and arm yourself with the information in this book.

Get Think and Go Hustle in PDF here.

think and go hustle review