The Power of Practice


What is practice?

Practice is that deep mental state when your locked in and in sync with the musical piece or technique, etude or whatever your working on where you’re so disciplined and focused that you know where each finger goes at what time and on what fret.

Now we can’t just practice. Me must practice deliberately. We must be focused.

What does this mean? Well, this could mean no tv, while practicing, practicing sober, practicing to a metronome, recording your practice, logging your practice. There is power in all of this. So what is the point of having power?

Well, for one…you are now a more powerful player. And thats the main goal. You are so powerful that you are in control of the piece of music and the music is not in control of you. Thats power my friends.

So lift those musical weights and become the most powerful person/player/musician you can be by simply being focused and disciplined.

Its gonna be ugly. Your gonna wanna stop mid way through. Everything and everyone will try and get in your way unknowingly. They will. So don’t get mad at them for it. Get mad at yourself because its up to you to know that its coming and that you must keep going.

Whether you are a singer, piano player, guitar player, drummer, lyricist, organ player, horn player, string virtuoso…you must keep going in the face of adversity. Adversity will come, you can be sure of it.

It has come to every musician in the past. Its the ones that are aware of this evil that get past the bad days and into the land of great practice sessions.

Distractions will come and try to dismantle you from your horse. Stay on your horse. Race your race. Its not about speed its about efficient practicing.

Keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

See you in the next article…