Guitar Lessons Miami Student Testimonials

Jorge M.
Adult lessons, Mike is highly recommended.
Erik V.
Amazing teacher overall. There is not a single thing that I can think of that is negative during my time of learning with professor Mike! Not only was he a great teacher that taught me how to play scales, learn about theory, and how to write songs, but he became a close friend… Hell, we even went to a rock concert together at Hard Rock casino!! At first, I was skeptical about the classes. I said to myself what can I learn with a teacher that I can’t online? Nothing right?… It’s only after I stopped taking his classes where I realized that its important to really understand what i am learning and why, which is exactly what he offers. I also realized that he helped me practice and was one of the reasons I wanted to keep on practicing. I wanted to shock him at how talented I was and make him proud. It’s that close up, independent attention that he offers that separates him from the rest and the online courses. He was also kind enough to let me choose what i wanted to do in classes as well, and suggested to help in areas he thought I needed help in. So let’s say I want to get better at sweep picking one day, but he sees that my picking technique or timing is off, next class he’ll be likely to offer help on that. Or maybe I wanted to learn a solo or song, he would give me tabs and play it through with me. I’m being completely honest when I say I’m glad i took the classes. Thanks Mike! It’s your friend, Erik.
Carlos C.
Mike is an awesome teacher. He’s very patience and will make your learning process easy and fun!!
Gianpierre M.
Mike is an overall professional and a blast to learn from. I have been playing guitar for about 5 years now but have never been as consistent as I would’ve liked. I felt that I had reached a wall in my playing abilities and I couldn’t overcome it by myself. Ever since I picked up the guitar, YouTube tutorials have been my only source of guidance, I knew that it would only get me so far and I needed professional help. I searched around the web for a local guitar teacher and came across Mike’s page. I was a bit hesitant to contact Mike at first since I am normally not comfortable playing in front of people, but I decided to go for an introductory class. Surprisingly enough, Mike made me feel extremely comfortable in his studio and suddenly, I wasn’t as tense as I generally tend to be. In just over 45 Minutes I felt like I made a giant leap over the wall that had me frustrated for such a long time and was immediately hooked. I am extremely impressed by Mike and his ability to convey key information needed to succeed in guitar playing. His knowledge on the guitar and music theory altogether exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend Mike to any one, from beginners to vets, Mike is definitely your One Stop Shop. – JP
Jorge M.
Old dogs can learn new tricks. Would recommend to anyone.
Jesse V.
Great teacher. Patient and understands what u want to help you. Provides good material during class and for take home study and practice. Highly recommend.
Amir M.
Mike is an excellent guitar teacher. He customizes lessons in order to best meet your guitar goals. I have been taking lessons for about 4 months now and have seen significant improvements and can now play various songs and chord progressions. This is in spite of my extremely busy work schedule that prevents me from practicing as much as I want. On top of that, Mike is a great guy and very friendly so I highly recommend him to anyone thinking about picking up the guitar.
Tony W.
I played guitar for several years and consider myself as intermediate level, while some how stuck in a rut, that’s why I found Mike. He really helped me out and taught me lots of new stuff. His teaching is quite inspiring and I came up with lots of new ideas from his lesson. From theories to techniques, from metal to blues, I’ve been through a long long way with Mike’s help. If you ever consider learning guitar, or even music itself, go for Mike! You won’t go wrong!
Flavia I.
Michael has been giving guitar lessons to my daughter for 3 years and a half. We are SO happy with him!! My daughter treasures that hour of the week so much. And she has learned quite a lot, not only guitar but also music in general. We are happy and we recommend Mike without hesitation.
Luis Z.
Michael is an absolute great teacher, I’ve been his student for almost a year and a half, and I can’t help to say anything bad about him. He is excellent!
Gerry K.
I started with Mike a few months ago. I didn’t even know how to hold my guitar which I owned for several years. He worked with me on what I wanted to learn and what my goals are. Now, I’m able to play songs and not annoy my wife with just noise.
Junior B.
I started learning guitar on my own by watching youtube videos and using other online resources. That helped me get accustomed to the instrument and I after a while I was able to play bits and pieces of my favorite songs. But after a while I found myself stuck at that level, I could only play what was spoon-fed to me and I never really knew why certain things sound good. So I realized I needed help with music theory and sought out lessons. That’s when I found Mike. From my very first lesson I could tell he really knew his stuff and was passionate about music and teaching it to others. In just a few lessons Mike helped me fill in the gaps by breaking everything down and making it really fun and easy. He took concepts that I was struggling with on my own and broke them down to digestible bits and worked with me until it all clicked. I feel like my skills multiply with each lesson. I thought I would hate having to go to lessons, but it’s actually something I look forward every week. I still have a long way to go in my journey, but with Mike as my wingman I can keep moving forward with confidence and reach my goals in half the time.
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