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Are you STRUGGLING to strum along to your favorite songs as well as write your own songs? Feeling FRUSTRATED and ready to give up sometimes?

Don’t know what to do to take your guitar skills to the NEXT LEVEL?

Then this FREE VIDEO COURSE is for you…

Hi! My name is Mike.

I used to struggle playing my favorite songs and felt so frustrated at times that I was about to give up. But I didn’t, and you mustn’t either. I didn’t know up from down or left from right. All I did was aim and fire without a plan or any kind of structure.

The only thing I cared about was making noise.


When I started using these techniques my development immediately took off and I had so much fun playing and practicing. No more frustration, because I could quickly learn to play any new song. Now I have learned more complex chord shapes but it was these simple techniques that made me stick to playing guitar, simply because it was SO MUCH FUN.

Most people who start playing guitar give up before they really learn to play, mostly because they don’t get results fast enough.

They think it’s easy and that they can learn in a few lessons or even days. While you can learn a 4 bar melody in a day, to strum along to your favorite songs or to write your own song is a whole other ballpark.







Are all part of learning to play the guitar! All 5 of these might not apply to you specifically but 1 to 3 of them most certainly do. For example if you don’t want to write your own songs then you don’t really need (although it will help) theory and songwriting.

On the other hand, if you want to write your own songs, then you most certainly need ALL of these elements.

If you spend a lot of time practicing but you still don’t feel confident enough or even able to play your favorite songs, you are in the danger zone and might give up really soon.

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered…

In This Free 7 Day Video Course, Although It Is Called Strumming Masterclass I’m Going To Cover ALL 5

Of These Elements.

And guess what…

For you beginner shredders, intermediate players and all level guitar players, this course will help you solidify your strumming technique. If you want to

write your own songs, you will learn how to become creative. The first step is to watch and perfect these guitar strumming patterns. They will propel you to the next level. After practicing and applying these techniques you will not need to ever worry about your right hand again.

Why will they propel you to the next level?

Because you’ll learn theory. See, most guitar players don’t know squat about theory, but you will! If you simply learn to count. Counting will help you decipher, create and conquer any strumming pattern you ever come across for the rest of your guitar playing life. IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE. You will also learn HOW to practice. You will learn what to do and how to do it so that you become efficient in any strumming pattern you wish to conquer.

This Course is a collection of 7 rhythm and strumming patterns you need in order to play 99% of all popular songs out there today. Not only are there 7 patterns in 7 days but there are many variations of those patterns.

And they are not that hard! How come other guitarists can play them and you can’t? The answer is always…”YOU CAN!”

I’m going to show you something beyond what they know.

I’m going to show you how to SPICE UP YOUR STRUMMING TECHNIQUE so you can wow yourself, the only person you really need to wow.

I have created simple playable versions of every pattern and I’ll show you each and every one of them personally so you can learn them much faster than doing it on your own! This way you can truly sound amazing! These techniques and patterns are so effective, you will be playing and strumming along easily in no time. If you follow the videos to the tee.

And it’s all FREE!

Hear me and watch me practicing various strum rhythms here. (Video)

1. Alphabetic Register

This course is a 1-7 encyclopaedia of super easy strum patterns and it will help you find any pattern you need in a matter of seconds. Think of it like the Wikipedia of patterns!

(What does this mean to you?)

This means that you will always have ALL THE PATTERNS YOU NEED AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

(via an ebook that I will send you also for free)

Think about it…you could be strumming by the end of this weekend!!

2. Discover Anything You Need In No-Time

Search the book! You don’t have to use the alphabetic register, you can simply scroll down to the pattern table I’ve included in the ebook.

(What does this mean to you?)

This gives you even faster access and takes all the hassle and frustration out of it! You could memorize the patterns anywhere.

3. Videos Showing You How To Play

In the online version, you will find a video for each pattern along with some helpful tips to help you make the most out of it.

In these videos I will show you how to count and practice each and every pattern in the book.

(What does this mean to you?)

No more spending time deciphering the patterns in your head.

Now you can simply see me play the pattern which is the fastest way to learn. Less learning time means more time for fun. Put yourself in these guitar players’ shoes for a minute…

The first one takes this course, gets frustrated a little but learns quickly. He or she then has the rest of his or her guitar playing life to enjoy playing songs, progressions on the guitar, and can also write his or her own songs.

The 2nd one tries to do it all by his or her self (like I did) and it takes eons to learn a single pattern properly.

I think you know which one you want to be… (It’s the 1st one! It’s the 1st one!)

If you could learn to strum quickly and with me here to guide you, wouldn’t guitar playing be

more fun?

Would You Not Have More Time To Play The Guitar And Have Fun?

Strumming is one of the most revered skills when playing guitar. Most people don’t want to shred and play fast, they want to strum. And learning strums efficiently and effectively will make this whole journey almost lovable.

In fact, you will want to learn more, because you now know HOW to learn something on the guitar.

(What does this mean to you?)

This gives you an even faster learning process and takes all the long hours out of it!

This LEARNING HOW (skill), now multiplies because you can apply it to ANY GUITAR TECHNIQUE, CHORD OR SONG!!!

4. 7 Strum Pattern Lessons In Your eMail

Every day I am going to send you a little video to inspire you to practice a couple of highly popular strum patterns that will help you with:

  •  Chord changing
  •  Alternate strumming (which in turn helps your alternate picking for you lead guitar players)
  •  Rhythmic explanations… and how to count the patterns along with it.(What does this mean to you?)This will inspire you on an ongoing basis to pick up the guitar and practice. And don’t forget, practice makes perfect!(What does this ALSO mean to you?)

    It will also make it easier for you to learn songs faster because the more patterns you learn in depth the easier it’s going to be to put new patterns in between the ones you already know so well. You can combine patterns to make ultra cool sounding strumming patterns not to impress anyone else but to impress yourself, the only one you need to impress. You will be impressed about how well you can actually strum a guitar if you practice whats inside of these FREE VIDEOS.

    5. Guitar Strumming Lessons On-The-Go

    Access on PC, Mac, Apple or Android! Easy access from any computer or device anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

    (What does this mean to you?)

    You don’t even need to have your own device nearby, you can borrow one from a friend and still have 24 hour access.

    6. Download in seconds

    You can download the ebook and videos as many times as you want to any one of your devices.

    (What does this mean to you?)

This means that you will always have this amazing tool and can learn to play ANY SONG as fast as humanly possible, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

You don’t even need your guitar to practice strumming. All you need is your right hand and your mouth.


Yes, you can learn to count while you are

  •  Walking to class
  •  Driving to work
  •  And even cookin’ a barbecue. Once you have these strum patterns in your head you will be able to learn them anywhere on demand.If you are in the middle of class you can simply write down the patterns on a sheet of paper and learn to count them this way as well. 

    Imagine being able to practice anywhere you want without your guitar so that when you get home you can totally let it rip!


    Here’s what you get:

    7 Videos x 3 minutes each

    Online E-book / PDF

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


In just 5-15 minutes a day you can learn a pattern and apply it to any series of chords for the entire week. By the end of the 7 days you will be able to combine these patterns and come up with your own.

Lifetime Online Access Unlimited Download


Alphabetic Register

Search the book

Patterns Showing You How To Play

7 Daily Chord Lessons In The Mail

Access from PC, Mac, Apple or Android Download in seconds

30 Day IRONCLAD Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely happy with your investment, let me know and I will refund your money right away.

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Why a Course on Strumming?

strumming masterclass


Strumming is one thing that I absolutely love to do. Without strumming I wouldn’t have recorded most of the songs I wrote. Strumming gives me this sense of satisfaction through groove. It sets the tempo and rhythm for a musical idea and then it’s all in to writing a complete song.

You can strum playing lead guitar? Did you know this? This simple technique could add much needed flavor to your solos, melodies and licks.

Strumming the guitar is the only thing that some guitar players want to do. Well, if that’s you then this class has got you covered.

You will not need another lesson on strumming after this class. You will learn strumming so well that you will know how to include your own strums and how to come up with a strumming pattern on the spot, without even thinking about it. It will just come out.

This can and will happen if you do one thing. If you work this class. If you set aside time for it each day. If you set aside time for a few times a week, you will soon be the master strummer that you wish you were. It all comes down to dedication and passion, time and effort!

It’s not some magical gift that was given to other guitar players otherwise known as talent. It’s all time and effort. Do you have these 2 things? Yes you do.

Read On If You’re Not Convinced Yet.

I promise in 7 days you will be a new man or woman. You will be a master strummer if you put in the time. And guess what? It’s not even that much time that you have to put in.



I’ve been Self-taught for the first 10 years, worked with multiple teachers for the past 8 years and I know what its like to learn to play the guitar.

So what does perspective mean? Perspective is the way you look at something or think about something. In regards to strumming a guitar, if you just look at it differently you will succeed. What’s this way of looking at strumming the guitar differently?

It’s all in your HEAD, it always was, and always will be, when you try to conquer a technique on the guitar.

So The Perspective You Need To Have Is:

“If I’m going to be a better guitar player then it’s up to me and no one else!” That’s it. Everything else is just garbage.

If you have confidence and believe in yourself then you will succeed.

If you don’t, then you won’t.

I am simply here to guide you into how to create your own strumming patterns and how to practice strumming a guitar.

This one shift in your mind-set will make all the difference in who you become as a guitar player.

Now this sounds a bit serious. Well, it is. Because it’s true.

You’re not going to have to put in 8-hour days to learn the guitar but you will have to put in some SERIOUS, FOCUSED EFFORT on a continuous basis, so that you get the most of this free strumming masterclass video course.

What Are You Waiting For? Grab Your Guitar & Start Strumming!