Strongman Eddie Hall.

Before I get into Strongman Eddie Hall and what this post is really about, let’s rewind to earlier in the day. I was feeling a little depressed.  Driving around in my car taking people from place to place in Uber. Sometimes, like I used to, you don’t do anything about the way you feel. You hope and pray that it will go away with time and rest. This time it was different, it was deeper than that. But I didn’t know it. That’s whats cool about what happened after.

So I tried to work as much as I could before coming home. After I came home I went straight to my bed. I usually play guitar which is my number one passion, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lonely. And I was tired of being alone so I turned on Netflix  looking for something. Groping in the dark for my remote, I finally found it and began my search. Strongman Eddie Hall was what I found. It was a documentary on this guy I’ve never seen before.It looked very interesting as I’ve always liked the strongman competitions. I began to watch and was enthralled with his story. The blood in my veins started pumping. Adrenaline surged through my system.

Here’s the point…I didn’t let it finish.

I didn’t let it finish because I’ve done that before and I ended up not wanting to go to the gym because I use all that energy to stay up and watch the rest of the film. I killed that notion and paused it because you wanna be inspired when you go to the gym. So I decided to put it on pause and watch the rest of this great documentary when I got home or even the next day. I came out of the gym with the hardest workout of 2017 and probably 2016, although I did have a few really good, hard-working days last year.

The hardest workout of 2017 so far, although on Monday and Tuesday I did 100 push-ups each in a hotel room in Boca Raton, Florida, which killed me. The key for me to be able to move forward with my mind, body and spirit is staying with the positive stuff. Positive videos on YouTube, they have been key for me. The things that jump and cling onto your mind, negative thoughts, are all bullshit. The ones you should listen to are the ones you purposely put in there into your mind. Like listening to positive audio or reading a book etc…

The hardest workout of 2017 so far

In case you’re interested, I went for a strongman type of workout. I had a bunch of pent up anger that only the IRON could cure. The workout that I did was the following:

Strongman Style Workout : 3 sets for everything.

  • Abs: 50 situps
  • Bicep Curls
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Tricep pulldowns
  • Farmer’s walks

Came in and did some some heavy stomach work. I used the machine that you stand up and hold onto straps as you pull the weight up, by bending over. Its sort of like a standing sit up, with weight. I then went into Heavy bicep curls. About 3 sets. Then I did some Squatting to test my technique and to prep myself for the next gym session. Then came my favorite exercise of all. THE DEADLIFT. Check out Eddie Hall’s pyramid set. Pretty damn impressive.

Did some really heavy dead lifts all the way up to 235 lbs 2x. I finished off with some really heavy tricep pulldowns. 100 lbs. Then I came down and did farmers walks with 70 lbs in each hand.

Walked out of the gym at 6:34 AM. Feeling like a beast.

Got these movements from a blog I had read a week ago. I looked it up again and made my own version. I really went in there with a badass mentality. I lifted as heavy as I could and pushed as hard as I could for as long as I could. I needed it. It gave me a BUZZ. A high. A feeling of superiority and authority. I was in control again. In control of my emotions. I came out of there feeling like a beast.

Speaking of beast. Check out “THE BEAST” Strongman Eddie Hall once again. He holds a world record for the Deadlift and is currently 3rd Strongest man in the world. Check out this video and then his documentary on NETFLIX – Strongman Eddie Hall.  I had never seen this guy before. He inspired me right off the bat. I credit him with helping me get off my ass and into the gym. I’ve always had a passion for lifting heavy but got grossed out when I would grow in size and look fat. Somethings different now. My passion for lifting heavy weight and DEADLIFTING was renewed after Eddie’s story. With strength and vigor I urge you to look for your own passion and capitalize on it. For now lets check out the video: He lifts 500kg. 1,1o2.31 lbs. (One thousand, one hundred and 2.3 lbs.)