Immediately Write Chord Progressions in Any Key

Guitar Chord Progressions in Several Keys


Key of C and key of Ebm.

Take 4 or more numbers from 1 to 7.

Thats it.

Let’s say you picked 1, 2, 3 and 4. You can use this progression and all of the keys above or in any key you want really.

You can use any numbers you want but you do want a 1 in there, usually in the beginning and maybe at the end. Anywhere in between also works.

For the 1, 2, 3, 4 progresssion:

You’re going to use the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th chord of the key.

Also known as I ii iii IV in a Major key


i iio III and iv in a Minor key.

This is the reason you want to know the chords in the key but if you don’t, the chords in C major are  C Dminor Eminor an F.

That’s your progression. Is that a good progression? I don’t know it depends on what you’re writing but yeah it can be.

You can turn that into Cmaj7, Dm7add6 Emb9 and F9.


E Flat Minor

Lets go to the next key of E flat minor. E flat minor Fo, G-flat major and Abm.

You can use power cords. You can use 7th chords and you can use all kinds of chord extensions. Ebm7    or Ebmmaj, F half diminished 7th and Abm7.

Gb or Gbmaj7. You can also have a Gbadd6. For Abm you can have Abm7, you can have Abm9.

There’s all sorts of concoctions that you can come up with. All over the Internet people write them wrong and people write them right.

Which one is right? Well it depends on what the teachers talking about. What is of absolute, utmost importance is to know your notes and your keys, that way you don’t have to rely on the Internet.

Learn the Roman Numeral system. It’s easier with numbers. It’s easier because it tells you which coordinator which court is minor once you know this I just becomes easier.

Simply write down some numbers and use your ear!

Thats it boys and girls.

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