The single most important reason your guitar strumming is suffering. (and how to fix it)


You’re not focused. You’re not focused enough on each hand. You’re not focusing on each hand’s fingers. You’re not focused on the strumming pattern because you dont know the chords well enough yet.

These are all reasons why you’re strumming may be suffering and they all lead to one thing…FOCUS.

You get what you focus on. – Tony Robbins (plus many others)

Each hand must be isolated and must be trained well.

How do you train each hand well?

I’m glad you asked.


Training Your Hands

Your left hand should be trained in isolation and you’re right hand should be trained in isolation.

You’re left-handed training must consist of getting the chord changes and transitions down smoothly.

This could take some time depending on the chords that you are playing and it could take a considerable amount of time if you’re just starting out on the guitar.

You need not worry. What you must do instead… is persevere.

It is absolutely normal to not be able to change chords smoothly at the beginning. This one fact alone trips up most guitar players and they never pick up the guitar again.

Many times I have heard these statements… “I have trouble with barre chords, and it got too hard.” “I couldn’t change chords quickly it was so frustrating.” “I have no rhythm.” “It was too hard.”



It was hard for all of us. It was frustrating for all of us. Barre chords were troublesome for all of us. Changing chords quickly was frustrating for every single one of us.

What is the difference between somebody who keeps playing and someone who doesn’t? Its very simple.

The answer is always… PERSEVERANCE.

And it takes courage to persevere because you have to believe in something that you can’t see yet.

It takes courage to believe.

It takes courage to believe that you can play the guitar well when you don’t sound like you want to at the moment.

You cannot expect to play well if you do not believe that you can play well.

This sounds absurd to some of you.

But the mind is everything.

The mind controls the body. If your mind is wrong, you’ll play wrong, you’ll sound bad, and ultimately, everything you play will sound wrong.

If your mind is right and you persevere, well then my friend, that is the formula for success on your instrument.


Action Steps

Picture yourself right this very moment playing well. Try as hard as you can to picture yourself playing well even if you can’t see it. If it becomes too hard to picture yourself, you need to persevere in picturing yourself.

Don’t just picture yourself for a second or two and then give up if you don’t see it.

Try and try again to see yourself playing well. This could be the defining change in your playing.

You could picture yourself in your bedroom or you could picture yourself on a stage with thousands of people, or you could picture yourself on your living room couch.

Picture yourself playing well. Fake it till you make it.

So to recap… the single most important reason that your guitar strumming is suffering is lack of FOCUS.

You should be 100 percent focused on what each hand is doing.

First, one at a time, so that it becomes natural to you. Then when it feels natural in each hand, it will start to feel natural in both hands.


Heres why your guitar strumming sounds like $;:/

First of all, it’s because you’re not changing and transitioning correctly.

So start changing and transitioning correctly. Pay attention to each finger and do it slowly.

Second of all it’s because you don’t know your chords that well.

Go over your chords to make sure that they sound clean. Arpeggiate the cords and if each string rings out clearly then you’re good. If it doesn’t, you have work to do.

you think you know your chords well but when you actually go and play them, you’re not confident where each and every single finger goes.

Number 3

You haven’t played those chord changes enough.

Repetition is the mother of skill as has been said by many mentors. Repeat until you win. Until you get it. Repeat it to the point where…you don’t get it wrong anymore.

Number 4 action step

ISOLATE you’re right and left hands and train them individually. You need to isolate your right hand with the rake technique…and your left hand with the chord changing technique.

The chord changing technique is where you use a metronome to change chords before the 5th click. Start off with whole notes.

You also practice lifting your hands completely off the fretboard and put them back on, 10 to 20 times for new chords.

Start slow at first, go 2 or 3 times and then increase.

You want to be able to do 10 to 20 times in under 30 seconds.

You want to isolate both hands because you’re causing confusion in your brain.

Once you fix this problem, both your left hand and your right hand are going to treat you better and  give you more results because now they know EXACTLY what to do!

From the end of one chord to the beginning of the next, you will know and see each finger moving and what it has to do to efficiently to land on the correct fret.

“Knowing is half the battle.” – G.I. Joe

The other half takes action. Take the right action steps and your strumming will improve.

If you want some free strumming videos…seriously…no charge, just an email, send it below and you’ll get 7 videos with 7 different strumming patterns doing exactly what I spoke of above…Isolation. Oh, and you’ll also get a free ebook to go along with it. It explains theory and has 11 more strumming patterns.