Guitar scale sequences.

Lesson Notes.

  • Practice one scale in 1 octave. Then you can move to 2 and perhaps even 3 by moving diagonally up to the 24th fret.
  • Practice only one sequence and move it around to other scales you know.
  • Connect the modes.


Some of the sequences are played exactly as they are on the pdf and some are not. Some are played more melodically. Its up to you how you want to learn them.

If you want a great workout then do all the sequences with a scale that you know. Once you get used to that, increase the intensity of your workouts by simply adding scales in there. 30 minutes is a good time period for an intense workout.

Most of all remember to have fun. If you play scales too rigidly you will sound like you are playing scales. You want to sound like you are playing….MUSIC.


Sequence 1. Double up each string. This means to play the 6th string for example twice. If you’re playing A Minor, play frets 5, 7 and 8. Do this twice. So it would look like this: 5 7 8 5 7 8


Sequence 2. Play the bottom 2 strings ascending then descending in the same position and then back up again. Now move to strings 4 and 3 and finally to 1 and 2.


Sequence 3


Sequence 4


Sequence 5


Sequence 6


Sequence 7


Sequence 8


Sequence 9


Single String Sequencing but on a melodic level. You don’t have to play the scales or learn them in the manner they are presented. You can add rhythmic value to them such as 8th notes mixed with 16th notes and triplets. Even whole notes and half notes, whole notes and 16th notes etc…it doesn’t matter. What ultimately matters is what you do with what you learn…AND THAT IS TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!


Use these scale sequences to improve your technique, dexterity and speed.

Always learn something without a metronome and then when you got the gist of it, turn that sucker on.

An old teacher used to give me sequences sporadically just so he could keep me as a student. They are mostly all the same. A sequence is like a pattern. You can come up with your own.

He cared not,¬†¬†about me, but his pocket. Here they are for free. Use them, abuse them and then APPLY them. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself as a guitar player. The sooner you apply it the sooner you will be able to use it like its no thing. Thats what were after here…

To be able to sling on 6 strings like it ain’t no thing.

If you don’t apply what you learn, its like you never learnt it. Dont be that guy. You’re just wasting you’re time. Apply everything you learn as quickly as possible. Integrate it.

HERE IS THE PDF: you can make the pdf bigger and smaller on the lower right hand side of the pdf with the plus and minus signs.

You can even take screen shots and put them in a desktop folder so that you learn only what you want to.

Its not what a musician does with what he or she learns, its what he or she does with what he or she knows well enough to make music with. Thats the goal. Know musical concepts so well that you can easily turn it into a song, melody or operatic masterpiece.


Sequences Rundown