Shred Guitar Lick

Lesson Notes:

  • I encourage you to go through each measure of the lick, one at a time.
  • Break each measure up if you have to. For example: learn four notes at a time making sure that every note is crystal clear. Make it sing.
  • Play the lick pianissimo moving up to forte and vice versa.
  • Make your own licks from them.
  • Keep working with a metronome. Shred guitar licks will be learned quickly with the help of a metronome. Without one it will take longer.
  • Play the lick on different sets of strings. For example: Strings 1 and 2. Strings 3 and 4. Strings 5 and 6.
  • Use alternate picking.
  • Apply this shred guitar lick, or parts of it, to one of your backing tracks or songs.
2 String Mode Speed Lick