I’ve heard this before from Tony Robbins and thought id pass it on since I keep seeing it and hearing about it in different places.

Take a few minutes and think about what you’re gonna read next:

  • Your 90 years old.
  • You’re on your rocking chair.
  • How many regrets do you have?

Hopefully none but thats not realistic.

Or is it?

The biggest regrets from people on their death bed are things they Didn’t do.

A good idea would be to put everyones opinions out the door and focus in on what YOU think and what YOU believe.


You gotta do what feels right in your heart, in your gut.

Its gonna be tough, theres no way around it, thats why so little people really truly live.

Make time today to look at your life from your rocking chair. And most of all..Take Action on it.

It pains me to see that far too many people I know don’t seem like they have any more goals. It’s like they’ve reached them or never really had any. Sad faces and a nonchalant way of answering the question “What is your passion?”

So what is your passion?

Can you answer it in a jiffy.

Or do you really, really have to think about it long and hard.

Maybe you’ve given up on your passion.


Why not take it up again?

Is there a rule that says you cannot go after your passion after you’ve let it go? I can tell you this. Long after you have the ability to do the things you can do now you WILL think about your past and what I know will be harder will be the REGRET.

The Regret you and I will feel for not doing the things we really wanted to do.

Like I really want to play music and I really want to make records and I really want to be adored by fans but most of the time I don’t do anything about it.

Because of…

FEAR —> False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear will rule you if you let it and you won’t even know that its your fears that are preventing you from taking action because you’ve believed your fears.

What if you reversed the process? Would you act? Believe that your current beliefs are false.

For example if you believe that you cannot do something this late in life or this early in life then you are right. According to your subconscious mind you are absolutely 100 percent friggin right!

Its just a matter of choosing what you want to believe in. It takes EFFORT both ways so why not believe in things to our Favor.

If you remember that I said a few lines back that I sometimes don’t do anything about my fears. Well, that wasn’t entirely true.

I like to think that I face my fears all the time. That isnt always the case but its okay because theres always today. We can change that today.

Because I know…that when I’m much older I won’t have the ABILITIES that I now have. And that’s it. That’s enough for me to remind me that I should make fear and failure ….



Because fear and failure …will show you the way to success.