The Rising

Album Release

The Album started way back in 1999. Did it take 18 years? No not really. It took much less, its just that I finally put the finishing touches on it. The rest of my releases will be much easier since number 1 is already out there.

It consists of 7 tracks all for the hard rock lovers. Inspired by the grunge movement, Pearl Jam (mostly the “Vs” and “Vitalogy” albums), this album was conceived or was born I should say way back in the 90s. The rest of it slowly came together during the following years after discovering the almighty MACHINEHEAD

It just happened. I was reluctant about finishing it, as anyone is. I powered through and decided to finish it. That was my starting point. My desire was rekindled and so I got it done, sent it off to the engineer and that was that.

Its not a record label release. Its a release as an independent musician. A self release. This way I say what goes and no one has a say in it.

For “The Rising” this could be good, could be bad but thats not for me to decide, thats for the public to decide. I can’t be the judge of whether a release is good because obviously if I release something its because I believe in it and I believe that it is good and worthy of a release.


About the Album

“The Rising” is ultimately an album about rising up from a spiritual death, walking around with a heaviness and coming up from underneath that, rising up and starting to live.

Hope you love it!

The Rising Tracks

  1. All that I Desire
  2. Feelings
  3. Tell Me
  4. As I Am
  5. I Will Rise
  6. Make it Bleed
  7. I Am King