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No More Unclean Tones.

No more fretting hand tension.

Fretting hand tension – Tips to Overcome This Dreadful Tone Killer

Not correcting this problem can ruin your tone and give you hand pain…this alone should be enough to pay attention to how much tension you are applying to the guitar fretboard when younare playing or practicing guitar.

Good tone is paramount… its mostly in your fingers and  hands so make sure to follow these tips to the core.

This is a lesson on fretting hand tension.

A lot of movement uses a lot of power which can cause fatigue.

Lift your fingers ever so slightly so that you get a good tone without sacrificing articulation but not so much that you’re doing excess motions watch your fingers as you play.

To do this you must play slowly relax all your fingers as much as possible

Picture each finger in your head and relax it by meditating on it for a few seconds.

​So how do you Resolve all of this tension?

  • You play exceedingly slow. Playing exceedingly slow gives you lots of time to concentrate on what the problem is . Start out with 60 bpm or less.
  • Overcome this excess finger attention by playing slow and being aware of each finger then relaxing it.
  • This is very important. Read over this last line and do this if you’re having trouble with Fretting hand tension. Your hand should be strong and you should grip the guitar with a considerable amount of strength but not so much that your hand is tense.

Doing this will just wear your hand out and cause you UNNECESSARY fatigue.​

You’ll see what I mean in just a few seconds.

  • Pick up your guitar and practice this and make sure you’re only applying enough pressure in your grip to hold the string(s) down.
  • To have good tone you don’t need excess power, just enough to get that good, clean tone.
  • Spend a considerable amount of time on this since it WILL affect your tone.