How to Quiet the Mind with Art

I often paint, and draw, and doodle to create art. I do it because it zens me out. It puts my mind at ease. Its meditation of the highest degree. The colors, the abstraction, the focus, it all quiets the mind.

In a world of busyness, art soothes my soul, it nourishes it and it helps me clarify what is most important for me for the day.

I also use it on breaks. The following takes you back to when I started drawing and painting and how it helps me. I’ll even give you a few tips on how to ease your mind as well by using this fascinating technique of art.


How I Got Started with Art

I would always draw as a kid but every kid draws at some point. Later on though, I took it seriously by taking some painting classes. I painted a mountain scene with some water on the bottom with a reflection. It was actually pretty good but after reading “Spark Joy” I threw it away because I wasn’t doing anything with them and they were ancient, of a time when I was a kid and wasn’t so happy.

The other painting I did was entitled “Black Forest.” I wish I would have kept them but I didn’t so no point in whining now.

I also sent my drawings through a brochure, or I was going to…not sure now. Maybe I should have. Maybe I should have taken it more seriously but I think I gave a fuck about what people think. Yep, I did. This caused a whole hell of a lot of pain. and it sent me into a downward spiral no one wants to go through.

I probably thought something like..”painting is gay, its for sissies.”

Fast forward 30 years and I’m doing it again. Im expressing myself through the medium of canvas art.

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You can see some of my work here and how my art is progressing these days.

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How I Got Back Into It – I would buy charcoal pencils and not do anything with them. So I threw them away. This tells me that the desire to express was there.

Ive always been fascinated by Picasso and was searching through my Audible app for something.

I can’t remember if I was searching for Picasso himself or if it kind of popped up.

But ever since reading “Daily Rituals,” it struck a chord with me. It spoke about his work ethic and what hours he would work.

He would often work til 5 am (just like yours truly) and that spoke to me because there is all this stuff about the 5 am club but I have nothing to do with that nonsense.

Im an artist and I work late at night.

Take it or leave it.

So following this inspiration by Picasso himself, I had an urge to learn more about this master of the art world who defied his teachers and paved his own path.

I bought a short 45 minute audio book on his life which was incredibly inspiring to me. Ive listened to it twice already and was very motivated to start doing some art again.

It goes on to explain his early life and how he started selling his art at a very young age. He was also very prolific and this is the way I want to be when it comes to my and my art.

I want to be a prolific artist. I am already. But I need, and want, to do it on a professional level.

A prolific professional artist if you will.

Not only in music but also in art, even though art is just a hobby for me.

Im committed to music.

When I die my obituary will talk about my musical life but my art will be left behind for all the world to see.

From blogs, to lessons, to albums to art. Its all a form of deep expression for me. Its who I am.

Its soothing.

Picasso would paint as much as 5 pieces a day at times even if they weren’t big ones, its still quite a lot for a days work.

Ever since that day I have been meditating without even knowing it. I draw and paint and it eases my mind. I feel like Im on cloud 9.

Try it.

Go to your local arts and crafts store and pick up some white or black canvases, they come in all sizes.

Take a pencil or a pastel and be fearless. Just let your emotions guide you.


How Art Helps Me

How To Draw, Doodle or Simply Express Yourself through the Medium of Art

It can be the written word, but I’m really talking about the pencil and paper thing or the canvas and oil thing.

I buy canvases as much as I can.

For some reason they make me want to create, while a sketchbook pretty much does the same for me as far as inspiration.

I like charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, oil pastels and magic markers. I also like acrylic paint, and splattering it all over a canvas with intense emotion.

I then like to destroy what I created by using the following methods:

  • newspaper or magazine page on wet paint.
  • Taping sections off for straight lines.
  • Straight line technique with spray paint.

So when Im not doing guitar lessons or working on my music I chill out by creating art.

Who knows you may come up with something cool while being kind to your mind at the same time.

Try it for yourself.