Puerto Rico

I consider myself an expressionist.

I do music, I do art, and I write.

Puerto Rico has been without power for 3 months.

This touched me as it did when I heard of the disaster from the hurricanes this past season.

It’s got me thinking.

Of all the worries and all the negativities in my day. They are nothing compared to what is going on in Puerto Rico for some folks right now.

We have power, we have light, we have school, which means we can see our friends, we have our jobs which means we can see and talk to our coworkers and buy things from the bread that we make.

Nothing works over there.

I have AC. I have a car that I can drive around. I have lights all over the place.

I haven’t used a candle in God knows how long.



My computer is running. At the same time I have a piece of hardware into which I plug my guitar into which then plugs into my computer and I am able to hear it back.

This means electricity over here is running, but in Puert Rico…not at all. And for 3 months now.

I’ve been thinking also that I like sullen music and film and art.

But now I begin to become more clear about why I like these things.

I like them because they are real. They are real in this world. It’s good to laugh. It’s good to smile and be positive.

It’s also good to be real. The suffering is real. Whether it’s here or 5000 miles away. There is real suffering and struggling going on.

I am grateful because that’s all I can be at this moment. I know not of the struggle that is going on in Puerto Rico.

I am not there. I do not know anyone who lives there. But from watching a video about a lady going to get her on the water from the spring and the emptiness on the island, the only thing I can do is pray for them and be grateful for what I’ve got.

Maybe my perspective on this thing called life has to be adjusted a little bit.

Or maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe I’ve just chosen to not see it because it brings me down. Maybe that’s why I do so much art and music.

I want to spend my entire day doing these things. To alleviate pain. To alleviate pain from my soul and from the souls of others.

If you’re reading this,  you may want to take out a piece of paper and a pencil, or your journal and jot down some things that you’re grateful for.

Some of you do this already. It feels great. The benefits are that you learn to appreciate what you’ve got, thus living life more contently.

I think this is one of the keys to living – to learn to live with what we’ve got.

Ambition for more but with the contentment of less.


Next post comin real soon…