I remember being locked in American airlines cargo looking out. A tacky white shirt that covered a GINORMOUS desire within myself.

I wanted FREEDOM.

And i didnt have it. I didnt even know what that meant but it was a restlessness that only freedom from that prison could cure.  I went to gaze out at the street (parking lot) with a desire to leave… and I could’ve, had I known what I know now.

Freedom was what I wanted. I just didnt know how I was gonna pull it off. Well, I got fired from that job and have walked away from many jobs after that. It came as a blow but it was really a blessing.


Now that I’m in the gym 15 years later that feeling comes back to me. Like I’m in a prison. I was in a job prison. I hated every second of it. Except the girl I was running around with that I met there in the airport. Other than that it totally sucked. I had a gay boss who would check me out and if I wasn’t such a naive 18 year old I would’ve brought it up to management and made him pay for it.

I was in a job prison but there are prisons all over the place. Mental prisons, emotional prisons, relationship prisons, spiritual prisons… everywhere there are prisons. Im not talking about jail. Jail is for people who need serious lessons on acceptance and how to live in society. Im talking about the other not so obvious prisons that surround our everyday lives. Be VIGILANT. Be AWARE. Watch out for them or they will encapsulate you and beat you to the ground.

Once you are aware, you can take ACTION. Take action. Don’t sit in prison for the rest of your life. Open your mind, open your heart to other possibilities. Open yourself up to other ideas instead of ALWAYS ACCEPTING FEARS. Your fears and everyone else’s fears. Fuck fear in the face and spit out your semen. Get yours. Whatever it is.


Fuck the world, fuck your friends, fuck your parents. They do nothing for you except hold you back. If your dream intimidates or confuses them you can bet that they will eat you alive with their fears and incompetence. Fuck them. Do what you need to do. Your gut will guide you. Don’t be a pussy. Be a man. A man of action.  Break out of the prison YOU YOURSELF put YOURSELF IN. They didn’t put you there. You did. Now that you wanna break out they tell you it can’t be done. Funny how it all works out when you STOP GIVING A FUCK. – quote from