5 String Sweep Picking Arpeggios

When I first came across sweep picking I thought it was totally out of my reach and didn’t know that I would later fall in love with sweep picking. It was extremely hard at first. Persevere, persevere, persevere. You WILL be able to sweep at high speeds just like your favorite players if you just …well, persevere.

Mastering Sweep Picking

If you want to master sweep picking you need to have a little bit of patience. Im by no means a master but I do believe I’ve mastered the 5 string sweep arpeggio in every key across the neck.

A sweep is picked with one continuous, (without stopping) downstroke when ascending notes and one continuous upstroke on the way back down when you descend the notes of the arpeggios.

All arpeggios are in root position and all are in a minor key. Don’t stop at those keys, go on to all 12 keys. Its always different playing in different parts of the neck and you will see progress with your overall sweep picking technique if you practice on every single fret of the fretboard.

If you are a beginner at sweeping learn easier arpeggios like 2 and 3 strings. Later on these will just be longer versions of those.

In this picture, look, the pick is angled and moving downward in one continuous motion.

Of course its a pic so you can’t tell what he did since its a still frame but you can always leave a reply in the comments section and ask any questions you may have.



Make sure to go slow and get every single note… clean.


These are the only 3 requirements. 

  1. Go extra slow. 
  2. Make sure no other strings ring. 
  3. Use the rolling technique described below.

Hammer on then roll with your ring finger. Collapse it down. Same thing when coming back up. 


Lastly… play without a metronome to learn the shape. Then play with your metronome app of choice and start off slow before working your way up.