Plan All the Way to the End


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Planning all the way to the end – law number 29 – 48 Laws of Power.

So let me see if I get this right Otto Van Bismarck didn’t like that they were servant boys to Austria.

He was in Prussia, so he round people up so that they could have greater security, not necessarily gain more land.

He was clear in what he wanted.

plan all the way to the end

He didn’t want to conquer the world, he wanted a more united Prussia.

This was his plan… all the way to the end.


The gods

The gods of Mount Olympus could see through the clouds to the end of all things laughing at humans who couldn’t see the fate that they were about to experience.

The humans couldn’t see their end but the gods could. So what does this mean?

This means to plan better.

Those who plan better usually bring their plans to fruition with a bit of PATIENCE.

So why don’t I listen to this when they told me that?

Why this rebellious nature when they told me this 20 years ago?

Maybe because I was hurt by them… by the same people who were telling me to go and plan.

They implied that I couldn’t plan big.

Now the plan is to plan big. Bigger and better than ever before. Plan big. You only got 1 life.

Be creative.



Obstacles are… always in the way.

The perfect life of a musician would be to sit at home, play music, people discover them, people do all the work for them while the musician does all the music and all the hard work on the music.

Musician goes on tour and he does it year after year and he sells merchandise to make a living. Year after year for 34, 810 days… whatever it is… the goal is to be the best musician that that musician can be and then die happy.

How does he or she do this? By planning. By planning and rewriting your plan every day, making it bigger, better, stronger, more congruent and line with your goals.



Obstacles were put there to make you stronger because you are going to need the strength. Victory is around the corner, don’t give in to obstacles. Obstacles ARE the way. If there is an obstacle you have to go that way. Thats how you know you are on the right path. Everyone prior to you had to do the same thing. Everyone prior to you doing what it is that you want to do had obstacles they had to overcome and conquer. Divide and conquer as the old saying goes. Dividing a problem up into little bite sized pieces makes the obstacle manageable. Then and only then will you learn how to overcome an obstacle. By actually overcoming one is how. You don’t need the easy road. You want the hard one.

In order to fully get your goal you must constantly be learning and by learning you are becoming more powerful. But by becoming more knowledgeable you also have to use and apply what you learn. You can’t just sit back after you learned something. You now have to apply it to whatever lies in front of you. From a career, to a song, to the next step of your project. Divide, conquer, apply what you know and kick ass. Plan to the end.



I’ll leave you with a Marcus Aurelius quote:

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”