Pantera – Top Songs

I came across Pantera late. But when I did I was afraid. These guys were totally intimidating.

To be honest I didn’t know a band could be that heavy. So I steered clear for awhile sort of like you do when you have your first beer or whiskey shot.

Eventually you come back with a hunger for it.


Why Listen to Pantera?

  • Anger deflater
  • Metal Icons
  • Most hostile band ever
  • Onstage Charisma
  • Messages in the Songs


These are my favorite Pantera songs ever. There are probably more. But this is enough to bang your head to during a workout, a lunch break or simply to jam with your friends.

These guys are amazing.

Bold and Determined Philip Anselmo is arguably the world’s most charismatic frontman in rock and metal.

Dimebag Darrell is arguably the best metal guitarist ever.

Same goes for Rex and Vinnie. Rex and Vinnie were a team. Without them Pantera doesnt exist and same goes the other way around.

Each member contributed to the greatness of this band.

This is an extremely hostile band to some people and a lifesaver to others.

To me its both..and thats why I Love them.


Band Members


  • Philip Anselmo – lead vocals
  • Dimebag Darrell – guitar, backing vocals
  • Rex Brown – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Vinnie Paul – drums


My numero uno, without a doubt Pantera song comes from their last album “Reinventing the Steel” where arguably lay the best collection of Pantera tunes. My favorite album by far.

Possibly because I was way young when they came out.

Here we go:

Crank it up!!


“Yesterday Dont Mean Shit”

The message? – Just what the title says. And the next line? “Tomorrows the day you have to face”


“I’ll Cast a Shadow” – another great message.

“We’re gonna be Ageless and Timeless for Ever..This is just now but what a moment it is aint it” – Phil.


“Uplift” –

My favorite line – “I do anything that I want, and I get everything that I ask, and if this message bothers you, you know just kiss…_____ _____ _____…Uplift!”


“It Makes Them Disappear”

I love the line in here that says ” It makes them disappear, it fills their lives with fear, when their future isn’t clear.” – Now I dont know about you but this message has been around since the beginning of man. Its in the bible just in different words..

“Without a vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs

Ponder on this a bit.

This band had a vision..

What was it you might ask? It was to be the heaviest band on the planet. To rule the heavy metal scene. Thats exactly what they did.

See when you reach for the sky you land among the stars. If they would have reached for the stars or anything below…they might not have made it. In fact…they wouldn’t have.


“Revolution is My Name” –

What’s your name?


“Walk” – Walk on home boy…

Greatest voice in Metal. Wait for it in the video…He speaks it with Alpha Male Authority Like no other Singer in Metal History.


“Cemetery Gates”

A Classic.


“Im Broken”

Just cause sometimes I am too.

 “This Love”

One of my faves.


Why Would I post about one of the most lewd, crude, most vulgar bands on the planet you may ask?

Well…Because I wanted to. And they’re one of the greatest at what they do. And thats why I like them. I love them. The best of the best.

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