You never know what you may come across if you don’t follow through on things.

You might actually come across a bunch of sand dunes in the middle of nowhere in which you can have fun to your hearts content. In other words, everyone knows the ocean right? Of course you do, but have you seen what it holds within it. Its a vast sea out there full of dark and mysterious beauty that the human eye has not been able to reach entirely.

The point is that music and guitar is the same. I read a book written by a conductor which I picked up at Allegro Music Center on 8th st and 67th avenue in Miami, Fl several years back when I worked there for a bit. In it he stated…”Nobody has a corner on music.” What he meant was that there are so many musical possibilities out there that you will never be able to do it all in a single lifetime.

This is good news because if you’re feeling down and out, you may just not have come across that style, sound or genre of music that really hits home for you. Ive evolved in my musical listening from alternative rock, to hard rock to heavy metal and all the way to classical music, solo violin, solo classical guitar, instrumental guitar records from the 80s, some jazz, blues and now I just discovered last night some acoustic solo records where there are only 1 acoustic guitar recorded for all the songs on the album. Its like classical guitar records for the acoustic guitar full of fingerpicking, slide guitar and blues style licks and melodies. Really cool stuff which really opened my mind to what a record can actually be.

The possibilities are endless.


Here are some tips:

In the following paragraphs I hope to motivate you into never giving up.

Maybe you need a new chord, or a new lick, or a new band to listen to, or a new song.

Think…1 more time.

You need to do it 1 more time.

Thats what its gonna take.

Day by day. Step by step. One foot in front of the other. One second at a time. One day at a time.

Just give it one more go.

See what happens. See what comes of it.

Are you going to experience something negative because of it? More than likely not.

Do you want to quit? Of course you do. So did, and so does everyone else at some point when encountered with defeat, with no desire to play. Im here to tell you friend…that its completely normal.

Its completely normal to feel that. Just let it pass through your head and don’t dwell on it. Just like when we didn’t listen to our parents and their advice went in one ear and out the other. Do the same with negative thinking patterns. After all that may be just what you’re doing. You might come to realize that you just feel a little blue. Once you’re in a positive frame of mind, the world is yours for the taking.

Take it my friend. Take it all the way. No matter what you do in life. Don’t let society push you away from your hopes and desires. They are in your system for a reason!

Your hope is…1 more time.

3 Words.

They may change your life.

One more time.

Check this story out…



When Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier, his corner (Angelo Dundee to be specific) told him that he had to keep fighting. Ali was saying that he couldn’t go on anymore. But he did.

He listened.

This went on for 2 or more rounds.

In the last round of the fight, Dundee told him simply to stand. Walk to the center of the ring and just stand.

So he did.

He listened.

So when he got there, Joe wasn’t there. He couldn’t go on anymore.

Ali was now champ.

Is someone or something telling you …”give me one more round?”

Have at it.

Give this guitar thing one more shot.

Will you go to the grave with your dreams still in you?

Will you be lying on your death bed haunted by the ghosts of your dreams?

“We came to you but you gave us no life…” Will they be saying that to you? – Les Brown

Or will you die satisfied, knowing that you gave it everything you’ve got. In whatever you do.

Sometimes it helps to curse…Give it one more go motherfucker.

Have at it.

Don’t stop,

Don’t quit.

Continue on in spite of the darkness. Continue on in spite of the fear and doubt.

One more time…

Come on …

Its in you…

Its all you baby…

Give it one more go.


Here are some things that you can try to revive the fire in you

Remember the fire you had inside you when you started?

Try the Octatonic scale. Try diminished seventh chords. Try V7b9 chords.

Explore a new genre.

Buy a new guitar.

Listen to more guitar music. Explore the apps out there for new ways of learning the guitar.

Dont give up because you don’t know what you don’t know. There is so much to learn about the guitar. Ive been on fire for 20 years and its only increasing.

Rekindle your fire today.


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Talk soon. Ive got horses that want to come out of the gate full speed. Stay tuned… this blog has only just begun.

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