The Old Man and his Work Ethic

There was once an old man who went to work and work treated him like shit. His work was on the sea. It was hot. The sun gave him blisters on end.

His work did not provide for him for nearly 3 months. It couldn’t even feed him.

But the motherfucker (old man) kept on fucking on. He kept on pushing. He kept on going. Day after day, night after night, the old man went to work.

He went to work with the same enthusiasm as on day 1.

That’s work ethic


Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Teddy Roosevelt


Enthusiasm…is what the old man had. It was part of his work ethic.

The old man had something that you might not have. The old man knew. He had knowledge.

What do you have knowledge of?

He had knowledge that he would have the best day of his career coming ahead and didn’t focus on the past. Every day he did it with focus on that particular day.

He had knowledge that he would be successful, he knew he would be…ahead of time.

Santiago (the old man) decided to be a pro before he received the reward. 

It was conceived and believed before it was achieved. Didn’t Napoleon Hill say that…

Victorious warriors win first, then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war, then seek to win..

You have to seek to win in the mind, you have to win in the mind first, then you go to war.

No matter how long it takes.


Would you Work for 85 Days straight with Zero Results?

It took 85 days for the old man to catch a fish.

Tell me this …would you go out for 84 days, day after day, to try to catch a fish?

Hell no you wouldn’t.

Manolin’s parents told him that the old man was washed up and unlucky.

Manolin then went and caught 3 decent fish in the first 7 days after 40 days of being on the old man’s skiff with no luck.

Its a hell of a metaphor isn’t it?

Its there to inspire you.

So get your inspired ass off the couch,  pick up the good damn guitar and rip into it.

Disturb the airwaves.

If you’re not into guitar and you’re reading this simply apply it to your craft.

Picture yourself as a pro. Why? Because you are a pro.

In your mind, heart and soul you must believe you’re a pro.

If not… nobody else is going to believe it either.

So tell me something…

Are you a pro?

This post was inspired by the great classic – The Old Man and the Sea. If you haven’t read it yet…pick it up here.