Why New World Ronin by Victor Pride is the Best Book I’ve Read in 2017

I came across Victor Pride a long time ago. Several years back. I was looking for something. Something more. Something more than what average people do. I was looking for greatness.

I found it.

The first reason I believe this to be the best book yet is that…

I now have a motto.

You would have to read the book to know what the mott0 is and I highly suggest you do. I am more inspired since reading this book. More inspired to work harder versus retire. Versus retire to my bed after a long day. All I gotta do is read a little and Bam!… just like magic. Im on the grind again.

You see I never really had someone to push me to my particular goals. Its always been that look…that look of “yeah okay, who do you think you are.” Well, I’ll tell you who I know I am.

I’m a grinder. A hard worker. And I won’t stop. Im like a berserker.

A berserker of the greatest kind. A trance like fighting machine who fights in a fury. Like a Norse warrior when I play my guitar. A wild warrior champion of the heathen age. I belong to the bear-cult. I fight in a trance-like fury. 


Hope and Determination

I now have more hope and determination that whatever I put my hands to is going to work. My boldness is beginning to rise from the asphalts of death into the light of the noonday sun.

I used to run with the noonday demon. Now I rise from the depths to shine in the light of the noonday sun.

I have confidence galore. Just like a whore…who comes to get her fill and goes right out the door to the next victim. No questions asked.

The secrets revealed in this book will fill your mind with positivity.

Positivity that you would’ve never thought of on your own. It’s come to keep my fire going and it keeps burning bright. Pick up New World Ronin on Kindle or on paperback or both like I did. Visit Boldanddetermined.com

I purchased New World Ronin on Kindle and I purchased New World Ronin on paperback. I carry it with me wherever I go. It’s not a book you can read once. It’s a book you come back to over and over to feed. Like a bear feeds on dead carcass. You feed off of the energy of the book to go out into the world and better yourself and slay your demons. Slay your demons now for they will likely never go away.

There’s only one other book that has made me want to do that. To come back to it after I read it. It doesn’t matter what that book is. It only matters what you do now.

The Ronin

New World Ronin comes packed with information to be underlined on every page. It teaches you the WAY. It teaches you Corporate Seppuku.

What I’ve noticed from New World Ronin is that he follows the number one law of marketing. The number one law of marketing will not be revealed here either. You will have to do the research for yourself. You must learn to seek out for yourself what you need to succeed. What you need to succeed is right in front of you. All you have to do is act. All you have to do is take action. You can’t sit on your laurels and wait for it to fall out of the sky.

Forget 8 hour days. You are now in the realm of 18 plus hours a day. You will not win by pussyfooting. You must go berserk like a berserker of the ancient times. A berserker would fight in a trance like fury. You remember the berserker from that video game. What’s the name of it? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you go berserk.

Get up. Get moving. Get er done. Get a motto. Live like a lion. Take inspiration from the bear. Put on your bear skin and go to battle. Most of you will pass this by just like your parents did. Working like slaves only to live like slaves. You want to become a master so that you live like a master. You can’t live like a slave and become a master. You must be a slave to one thing. And one thing only.

That one thing is revealed in New World Ronin.

Go find it.