Visit the link and pay what you want for this album. If you buy an ebook you get the album for free. If you are a guitar player its a no-brainer.

Make sure to play this type of music loud while you are driving fast preferably. I find that its the best way to listen to amped up music.

Let me know

Go make your own music and let me know when you do, we can work together to promote each other. I will promote you here and you promote me. Its a win-win for both of us. Lets make it happen.

The music industry is chock filled with obstacles that only an army of men can take down. Join the army.

The album

The album comes with 8 tracks and 4 bonus tracks to be added in the next month or so.

All that i desire is about being free. Its about taking charge of your destiny and making shit happen for yourself. No one in this god-forsaken industry is going to come and make it happen for you anymore.

You must take initiative.

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