How to Get Started with Uber Right Away

If you are out of a job or want extra cash money in your pocket by next week you may want to seriously consider this.

Right away go to the site below and enter the code:

After your first 50 rides you will get $50. I got $50 after my 50th ride and it was because I used an invite code such as the one below that a friend had sent me.

Once you are a driver you can then refer other drivers and make double that…$100.



Website Application

Enter the Invite code in the appropriate menu box.


Within a week or less you should be driving if you have these 3 things:

  1. A car 2005 or newer
  2. A license with a good driving record
  3. A passing background check



Pick your hours and best of all…do it at your own pace.



Just to be clear…I do make money if you sign up with my code and do 50 rides. I get $100 for every driver I refer.

You can do this too after you start driving.