Way of the Musical Hustler – It All Starts with a Paper and Pen

How to Make Money as a Musician

Making money as an artist is hard. Im not going to tell you its going to be easy. Im here to tell you its going to be worth it.

Theres a perfect song for this.’ Too Short’ is the artist.

This article is not about specific ways to make money…its the starting point.

You may not like what I have to tell you, but maybe the song makes you believe.

Im not usually a rap fan, but as Im picking up a few visitors from out of town from the strip club something cool happened.

I knew they were gonna want some rap so I opened up my Spotify.

We had a blast crankin the music down the 95 on the way to South Beach.

We were listening to “Too Short”.

Right when I dropped them off, as my Spotify was still playing, “Baller” came on with Too Short and David Banner.

The lyrics hit the spot.

They were right on the money, literally, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Its straight to the point, and its truth, in raw form.

So here they are, the words that will get you started . (link to badnet signup form.)

Just a few words before we get into the lyrics.

How to Make Money

How do you make money?

You take the first step.

You start at the beginning.

Get a paper and pen…

I’ll let these guys show you the way.


“Baller” Lyrics


Ha hahaha! I ain’t gotta say much
So you wanna be a baller?
You wanna get paid?


You gotta keep tryin, just don’t give up
Can’t get on your feet cause you just won’t get up
You dream about havin nice things but you don’t have a plan
How you gon’ get it, from your Uncle Sam?
Your welfare check can’t buy a house and a Benz
What’chu wanna be, a mouse or a man?
You need a hustle, somethin that’ll make some cash
Don’t step on the gas, you’re goin way too fast
In your new sports car, you’re dreamin again!
Snap out of it – I know you’re fiendin to win
You need to start from the beginnin, get a paper and pen




What’chu like to do, what’s your favorite thing?
There’s gotta be somethin you can do wit’cha life
Sell things that a whole bunch of people will buy
Make a lot of profits, make bank deposits
Wanna live like this, here’s a shoe, how’s it fit?


How you gon’ ball if you got no hustle
How you gon’ pimp if you got no game (YEAH!)
How you win a fight if you know you can’t tussle
Your life ain’t right cause you so damn lame (YEAH!)
Now how you gon’ ball if you got no hustle
How you gon’ pimp if you got no game (YEAH!)
How you win a fight if you know you can’t tussle
Your life ain’t right cause you so damn lame (YEAH!)


[David Banner]
Niggaz wanna play with they life but won’t play with they kids
They’ll ball for these hoes but won’t invest shit
Go to church and pray to blue eyes, church is for them pew thighs
Supersized by fries, I pimp a lot of bitches
but I’d rather save yo’ lives
I’m from a place where they hung black folks
Where a bird can be whipped from some raw AND dope

Now you broke cause you smoke and you don’t got a job
Man get up off yo’ ass and do just like Todd~!
Sell yo’ shit up out the trunk
Stop hatin other niggaz you can get what you want

You can get what you need without makin others bleed
I’m the master of the P-U-S-S-E
Oops I meant Y, others gotta die
Just to help sorry-ass lames get by
Now you’ll let a bird die if you saw a bush
But you’re pussy in the hood nigga, come get douched
Yeah nigga!


[Too $hort]
When you finally start makin some dough
You gotta work a lot harder, way more than befo’
It ain’t hard to get in, but it’s hard to stay
When you start pimpin it’s all night all day
Non-stop, gettin it, then you start kickin it
Out with some hoes, later on you’ll be stickin it
Move forward and continue to do what men do
Gettin money cause it’s in you

[David Banner]
Or maybe bein a man ain’t in you, you BITCH
You can sell out your own just so you can get rich
No soul, no vibe, but you sportin a cross
Man the truth is you’re tired and your spirit is lost!
I’ve been baptized in dirt, pull your panties up nigga
Rather shoot ya in your mind instead of blowin out your liver
David Banner, Mississippi until the day that I die
You can make it in this world, stand up nigga try



The Hustling


You can do this.

Only you have to believe it for yourself.

You have to win first, before you go to war. – Sun Tzu

All battles are first won or lost in the mind. – Hellen Keller or Joan of Arc

Too many of us around us, tell us…no.

They tell us that we can’t do it.

Because they don’t know.

Because they fear.

I’m going to be the guy to tell you that you can.

You absolutely can.

Stay tuned…

I drive Uber and I drive Lyft because they give me the freedom to work on, write about, study, teach and play music…while Im working on bigger things.

Check out my products, album – books – lessons.

Online shop to be announced very soon.

For now get out a paper and pen and start writing just like the song says to do…

In a future article I will talk actual meat and potatoes. (Specific ways to make some cash)