11 Things I Loved About Last Nights Live Show 

Live show

This is me taking selfies and trying to make myself look cool. Only problem is…I’m already cool. Seriously though, if we just be ourselves people will think we are cool, as in cool to hang out with or cool to talk to. Its when we try to be someone we’re not that we push people away. Fortunately, I am a musician so thats a picture of me with my guitar. NO harm done. How do you like the open knee shot?


Last night was fucking great. Here’s what I’m talking about. The things that made me grateful last night are the following:

  1. Peace and the tranquility
  2. The moment before you go on stage
  3. The come back to the live stage after 10 years
  4. The salad the tea the pasta
  5. The musicians
  6. The café
  7. The art
  8. The vibe
  9. The inspiration from the make it change tour
  10. The songs I played
  11. The ride home



I woke up about two in the afternoon and I didn’t have any plans or so I thought. I usually hustle but I had planned several weeks ago to go to an open mic night and Saturday was that day.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go as soon as I woke up, but then decided that there’s always distractions when you want to do something in life. For example: having fun or working on your passion or your hobby. So I asked myself, “What do I Gotta do today?”

Actually… I told myself. I commanded myself. I had to rehearse. So that’s what I did. I pulled out 3 songs and I got to work. It wasn’t too hard to rehearse as I’ve been working on these songs for quite some time. All the lessons I took in the past helped me decipher out my melodies and allowed me to get to the skill level I am at today.

So here we go:

Peace and tranquility

As soon as I left my house I felt  the peace and tranquility come over me. I was doing what I love to do… it just felt right. There’s freedom in doing what you know you should do… and want to do. I also felt this as I left the café. More on that later. A wise man once said to make peace of mind your ultimate goal. Something to think about.


The moment before you go on stage

The next thing I loved was the moment before you go on stage. The moment before you go on stage is always a little scary. I had forgotten what this was like. Its a cool, crisp rush of adrenaline and it feels great. You learn to deal with the fear by just walking up and getting it done. Make it happen. Last night I was around a bunch of warriors, musical warriors who shut out the negative voices and simply got on stage and got down to business. The business of performing.

You must be the warrior you know you are inside. If you don’t, you will feel off. Like you short changed yourself. I dont know about you but I dont wanna live like that.


The comeback to the live stage after 10 years

A long time ago over a decade I played at this same cafe. I was fearless and I was a much lesser musician. I didnt have the skills I have today.

It was great to come back after all those years of studying and practicing to get better as a musician . I had big goals back then. I still do. And maybe this is the beginning of that reality.


The salad, the tea, the pasta

Live show

Live show

The food here was simply amazing. Angel Hair Pasta, fresh salad and unsweetened black tea. I was ravenous. No alcohol before a show. I don’t drink anyway so this wasn’t a problem for me but if you drink before a show you’re just being a dodo bird. It ruins your focus and concentration and the ears of a human being are very sensitive. You wouldn’t want to mess that up now would you? You can always celebrate after.


The Musicians

Live show

Live show

Live show

Live show

Live show

Live show


There was talent there that night but I gotta ask myself if they think they actually have a shot at recording an album and being a full-time musician. I can hear the excuses coming already. Musicians are notorious for this. Nowadays I just worry about what I gotta do and I stop motivating people so much. Ultimately, we know what we gotta do deep down inside. Its just a matter of doing it. Too many times I’ve tried to motivate a musician to share their talent with the world and too many times I hear excuses.


The café – Lunastar Cafe

Click the link and you can see pictures, a menu and their calendar of events. Come on out if you are in the area. Food is great and there are plenty of imported beers. They do not do branded beers which is cool and different in my opinion.

On the walls you will see art and flyers from musicians who have been gracing the stage for more than a decade perhaps even longer than that. It’s really cool to see and you should check it out when you got a chance. During the day the art studios next door is open I’m sure so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. 😉


The art

Im an artist myself, but as a side gig. You can check out my sketches, abstract canvas paintings and drawings at my Instagram account. (Stay tuned for an article on How to Grow Your Instagram Account) You can follow me here if you like.



The vive of the cafe is real cool and nonchalant. Not really sure what that means but I think I mean what I mean. Anyway, you walk in and its this tiny little place from the outside into a rustic, artsy vibe that just makes you glad that you came. Friendly service, intimate stage, great sound. You can’t beat it. I really enjoyed it. I don’t write about other open mic nights because they haven’t been worth it in my opinion. The live show at luna star cafe totally was.


The inspiration from Laurelle and 3ple and the make it change tour live show

Laurelle and 3ple have embarked on a 55 city tour. This inspired me greatly. I have always wanted to go on tour but never thought it possible. That was then and this is now. I was thinking they were touring the state but no, they are touring the mother*&^%$#@ country!!

I even have a name for my tour it’s the “barefoot” tour. Barefoot on a bus tour …I want to just take my shoes off, jump on a bus, and tour the country. I never really thought about planes stuff like that. A bus and some songs. Keep it simple you know.

They’ve saved money, booked 55 cities and found a place to stay in every city already. I met them on the 7th night of the tour. This is the epitome of hustling for what you want.  They just got my juices flowing in and I wanted to know more.

You can learn more about them on Instagram @makeitchangetour or you can go to makeitchangetour.com

Oh and did I mention she has a superb voice? She does..!


The songs I played

  • Guns n Guitars
  • Make it Bleed
  • Perseverance link to vid on YT

Listen to more music here.

Those are the songs I played. They were all instrumentals. You know…the shred guitar kind with a bit of neoclassicism in there. “Guns and Guitars” is in E Dorian and moves into B minor the root of the key for the chorus. I do some improvised solos in between.

Make it Bleed

This tune starts in D minor and goes into A minor for the chorus just like the great composers of their day used to do. Changing keys was the norm. In the solo section I move into D phrygian. Why not? 😉


This song goes from some Improvisation in the beginning into C Minor for the verse and into 10/8 time in G minor for the choruses. I improvise solos 3 times in this tune. Check it out below.

Footage from the live show.



The Ride Home

On my way home i hustled and got to work driving Uber My first ride was up to Hollywood and took about 25 minutes. Had a great conversation and on the way back I felt that sense of pride, that sense of accomplishment. I felt this could be…the real start of my musical career.


All I have to do is move


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