Here we go with the 7th installment of How to Learn the Guitar By Yourself Part 7. 

I read a blog this morning that made me excited. But it also pissed me off. It had nothing to do with the guitar but what I like about it was that it talked about having some cajones.

Yes. Balls.

Thats what it was talking about so I thought I’d post about it in a later post so be on the lookout because this life without balls is a very boring, pathetic, life of a weakling type of life.

On to part 7…


Part 7 – FORGET LOCAL MUSIC CLASSES, Teachers and any other Online Resources

Music lessons are good. But they’re not like they used to be say like in the times of Mozart when you were constantly around prime talent.

That shit doesn’t happen anymore.

What happened to these other musicians that didn’t have that privilege? Who knows? Maybe they became good or maybe not, the point is that they had no real choice but to do it themselves.

The only person thats gonna turn you into a good player is YOU.

Nobody else.

You can take online lessons, but the things that are personal to your playing, an online teacher will never see.

And even a local teacher, when you go home, doesn’t see you practice. This is why I never bought into the music group class bullshit. I call it bullshit because thats what it is. You train beginner talent that will never really go anywhere not because they cannot become good enough but because they are in it for FUN, not a career.

If you want to learn outside of this money-based lesson-teaching mentality crap, then you can. You can…because something is telling you that you don’t need a guy behind a computer 18,000 miles away guessing at what you REALLY need.

If you want to pay good money for good lessons, go ahead, I did…but I’m here to tell you that the only one that’s gonna turn you into a guitar playing god is YOU.


Back in the Day

I took music electives when I was a kid in college and learned theory. The school doesn’t teach you jack about work ethic or discipline though. And thats exactly what it takes. The whole school system is bullshit. Its a business, not a school. They call it school so they can charge you and get paid…like a business.

It employs teachers for pathetic pay and then you or your kid comes home and realizes that in the real world, you need grit, and a pair of balls.

If you can count, you can play music and you can play music if you can count. For god sake’s there are guitar players out there that learn to play with their feet so no excuses.

You’re plain LAZY, or you don’t really want to get better. Its that simple.

A riff producing machine like I am doesn’t come from local music classes, or online lessons that I’ve taken in the past. All that did was charge my credit card because the marketing was good. It robbed me of the confidence I knew I already had. Im tapping back into that now.

I am now a riff producing machine. I can produce riffs on the spot. This is what I like to do. NO, this what i LOVE to do!!!

You can too…all you need is a sack of balls and some time carved out of the day.

Dont just play your guitar today, play it like you fucking mean it.

Signing off…(insert military wave here)