Welcome back to Part 6 of Learning the Guitar by Yourself.

Here’s a recap of what I’ve written already. Check them out if you haven’t done so, especially if you are a beginner.

In Part 1 we talk about building a habit.

In Part 2 I mention staying inspired every day. No days off. If you love what you’re doing every day becomes natural.

Part 3 I mention the importance of others.

Next in Part 4, I talk about mindset, confidence and rhythm.

Then Part 5 is on picking.

How to Learn the Guitar by Yourself Part 6 – Use Your Emotions as Fuel …Like Gasoline for Your Engine

“Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme thou which I desire” – James Hetfield

I would use my emotions to go and produce something on the guitar whatever it was. So if I was feeling angry I would create a high-speed, hi-gain riff with every ounce of energy I had.

If I was feeling confident I would go boldly into a riff that sounded cool, calm and collected, but with a bunch of attitude. These are usually the best ideas, for me at least.

So I think I played the same riffs over and over 1000 times because it was so exciting to me. This is very important, if its not exciting to you, keep searching, keep exploring ideas on the guitar and I guarantee you will come up with something cool. Don’t be hard on yourself as what you come up with may not sound good to you. Record it anyway and come back to it in a few days and you’ll see how its not bad at all.

I played these riffs maybe more than 1000 times, who knows. From doing so I started to get this confidence that I could write some type of music. I was right.

Things started to click.

I started to put ideas together.

Just get started.

Riff til you drop.

After I figured out that I could use my emotions as FUEL, I became a riff machine.


Becoming the Riff Machine in You

People, band mates, others will tell you by the look on their faces that what you came up with is not that great.

Pay absolutely no mind.

Use those emotions to create a masterpiece. Use those emotions to create something great.

What these people dont know is that they are sitting there judging you from the stands, while you’re playing in the arena.

You’re full of dust, sweat and blood and they’re sitting with they’re ice cold Dr. Pepper’s watching you from the stands.

You’re doing all the work, yet they will critique it.

Thats why critics suck.

They have no clue what it takes to actually be in the drivers seat… or the gladiator in the arena.

It takes guts to make music.

Don’t let these petty minds influence you in ANY way.


As long as I was angry, as long as I was feeling, as long as things were happening to me, I had things to write about and I took it to the guitar. All these emotions led to expression through the guitar.

Take it to the guitar…

Use your emotions as your energy and fuel.

See you in Part 7.

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