Learn to Fly Across the Fretboard in Any Key – Newly Revised ebook “Pentatonic Punishment”

This ebook has just been released. I have revised it and added new exercises and concepts to help you along your way with mastering the pentatonic scale. Ive included a few of the pdfs at the bottom of the post. You can get a good pentatonic scale workout from them.

 pentatonic scale workout


Pentatonic Punishment is basically a pentatonic scale workout for the aspiring guitarist. Below you will find all 5 shapes in all 24 keys. That includes 12 Major keys and 12 Minor keys. The shapes for the major keys are the same as their relative minor keys. Ive included both for less confusion. One key per day should be practiced to get the most out of this workbook. This book presents technical challenges for both hands. That being said, make sure you warm up at about 48-68 bpm. That is a good place to start.

Ive presented the shapes and exercises here but its going to be up to you to do them. Only you can make you a great player. Perseverance is the name of the game. Do not give up. Keep coming back day after day, week after week and you will see results. Knowledge of the neck is crucial when applying these scales and ideas to real music so its best that you know your guitar neck and the notes of the scales as well. Good luck and thanks.


Table of Contents


Application Exercises 

3 Notes Per string

String Skipping

7 Patterns and Sequences

Single String Shred – double notes

Connecting Shape 1 Across the Neck

E Minor Exercises



Can You Really Learn to Fly Across the Fretboard?

A Few Things to Consider

Patterns 1-3

24 Keys explanation

Shredding with Pent Scales

Things You Can Do Today

Before You Start Shredding

Single String Methodology

Melodies on a Single String


Fingering the Shapes

Write Your Best Solo Ever

All the Shapes in all The Keys (24 keys) 12 Major and 12 Minor



D Major Pentatonics


G Minor Pentatonic Shapes


Pentatonic Pattern 1 - 3