Kill or be Killed

Kill or be killed. It’s up to you what you’re gonna do. In a cutthroat business such as the music business or any other business you are into its ruthless. So ruthless that you can’t even see it. Just like the devil’s greatest trick is convincing you that he doesnt exist, so does the ruthlessness of business elude you.

You’re gonna kill or you’re gonna be killed. Are you going to play it cool or are you going to do shit every day?

You get to practice every day. You have the chance, the opportunity to do things every day. Hangouts and bullshit excuses like I’m too tired or I have homework or my wife needs attention or my kids need attention or my girlfriend wants to hang out. All that shit can wait. At the end of the day women want a man with a purpose. Once you make women your purpose you’re toast. Do you. Get out there and kill it.

Learn to start killing it everyday.

KILLERS practice killing.

Be a fucking killer.