Hurricane Irma is one of the biggest, baddest storms in the history of storms.


It has devastated everything in its path. But thats not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is the fact that it takes a hurricane to bring a family together to spend quality time with each other. I dont know about you but where I live, time with each other is pretty much appalling to pretty much all of us. If I ask my sister to hang out, its a no. If I ask my brother in law to hang out its a, Im married bro, or something to that effect. I appall the notion of hanging out with my father and my mother won’t even go to the store with me.

Hurricane Irma broke records. It also helped us break the record for most time we’ve hung out with each other since many years past. We had no choice. We had to hang out with each other because we live with each other and theres no going outside right now. Luckily we had a house to go to. A nice, pretty little house in St. Petersburg, Florida. Owned by my cousin, she let us stay there for a few days to get away from Irma’s path. 2 nights and 1 morning later, Hurricane Irma was headed right to us. It had ventured off the east coast a bit and onto the west coast.


We now had to go somewhere else.

Rewind a bit to the morning before we decided to come back home. I decided to go out for a walk and check out the bay. It was a semi-cloudy, breezy morning. Kind of eerie in a way since we all knew this storm was coming and had already destroyed turks and caicos, cuba and the leeward islands. Roofs had been torn off, homes demolished. But where I was there was a calm in the air. The calm before the storm. It was beautiful. I could sense the power of Mother Nature and how strong and epic she really is.

I snapped a few shots and made my way back to the house.


Little did I know I would walk into a bigger storm, one of fear and panic. What was a beautiful night around the family was now a panic-stricken morning and I didn’t like it one bit. This storm wasn’t only messing with the material things in life we collect, like our homes and our plants and our things inside our homes that we value so much. No, she was messing with the emotional stability of families from the Islands to the upper regions of Florida. She still is as I write this.

Maybe she wasn’t causing inner turmoil though. Maybe the inner turmoil was there already and she caused us to rethink the things we value. At least thats what I did. It made me decide on what I value most. Maybe the storm is here to give us a little time with each other, to remind us of what we should value most.