How to Feast like a Beast and Win at Guitar.

Be a Winner.


I wanna start off by saying that  Ive been in need of some motivation myself lately, feeling demotivated and worn out when it comes to life and even practicing guitar.

What should I practice? How long? Which lesson?

What should I work on? Which project should I tackle?

This is a big thing for me that debacles my every day decision making. Part of it is depression, part of it is not knowing what to do and part of it is a lack… of a pack of men.

Strong, healthy males that are killing life and making it submit to them and not the other way around is what I both need and want to be around. Most of us walk around on our knees and we dont even know it.

I wanna be around Men that kill it. Guitar players that practice day in day out. No matter what.

Total focus. No distractions. No bullshit.

Heres what I’m going through right now this second, and its absolutely normal. You gotta be comfortable with it.

Here it is:


Which lesson should I work on? Which technique? Or…Should I work on my songs?

Should I work on the melody?…or the harmony? Should I just study a key?

On a cover? Should I just chill? my blog? my album?

Call my friends?

Just take a drive?

All these things go through my mind and have been going through it lately. So Im gonna write some stuff out and in the process I hope that it motivates you.

I also wanna mention that right before I started writing this article i was distracted by 7 other things…one page on the internet led to another and another and so on…

The following is some advice that has helped me in the past..

Feast Your Eyes on Your Goals.

Sometimes you just gotta pick your ass up and go because its simply your thoughts that are getting in the way.

Pick your guitar up and bang out some Power chords on high gain and tell me if that doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

For me right now its about just writing to write because I feel the desire to..because it might help somebody and not because Im gonna get recognized for it and thats the main thing that I see thats been holding me back from getting any real writing or practicing done.

I keep trying to come up with stuff thats gonna impress others. (articles, music etc..)

I feel this is a BIG mistake.

Its a productivity killer.

And a happiness killer.

Its sort of like I had a period of 2 weeks or so where its been really hard to practice after practicing several hours a day sometimes more for several years.

Not to be arrogant, but I haven’t missed a day in much more than that.

I gotta wonder and ask myself …Am I just worn out or am I looking at it the wrong way?

Am I just tired or am I trying to be somebody im not?


You Gotta Be Hungry.

Then as I’m listening to a friend ask me tonight, ”Are you Hungry?” A video comes to mind which I saw a few weeks ago that was very inspiring.

He was asking me if I was really hungry. But since Im used to training my mind on you tube and books. My mind went straight to the video.

The speaker, in a loud voice says “YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY!”

What is Hunger? Hunger is the same as Desire. You gotta have it.

Thats it.

Hunger is Desire.

Desire is Hunger.

No matter how you look at it.

The facts are the facts.

Now that you know what being hungry means lets move on…

You Gotta Have Clarity.

What exactly is it that you’re hungry for?

Bottom line is…you gotta be clear.

Now that you’ve acknowledged this fact…

What exactly is it that you’re hungry for?

This is very important.

If you’re suffering from the same mental torment lots of people go through about what to do, what to practice, or whatever your case is…keep reading because its absolutely normal.

Its those that keep going in spite of this that get results and get things done.

Those that don’t care about what other people think and just move forward with their goals.

Have them in front of you. Put them in bold letters. Write them in as little words as possible and ENLARGE THE FONT.

Doing this enhances your mental image of the word which helps you to see your goal in a grander light.

It makes you feel something. Like it means something to you. Its not just some word written in a text document or piece of paper.

It has style, it has depth. It makes you WANT to ACT on it RIGHT NOW.

Be an Action Jackson.

Go and get it.

Remember the movie with Carl Weathers and Sharon Stone? (1988 Action Jackson)


You do it for everything else that doesn’t really improve you life… just do it for whatever your guitar goals are. The things that WILL improve your playing or the quality of it.

Act on them. When you’re hungry you go to the fridge. When you feel that desire to be better in life and on guitar simply act on it. Revise your goals, pick one and get to work on it.

You gotta do the work.

Theres no way around it.

No One is Coming to Your Rescue. 

Maybe you need to do some other things (responsibility) before you actually need to decide on what to work on like cleaning up your practice space for example.

Or your room, or maybe its midnight and you’re going to sleep. Or a job, wife or kids.

Write it down and act on it in the morning and use the time you have now to see it in your minds eye.

Don’t look at this as a bad thing look at it as a time to SOLIDIFY your goal in your mind.

Visualize every detail.

If you were given a death sentence…what exactly would you want to do with your guitar? How do you want to be remembered.

You’re going to die one day. How you live is your choice.

This trumps everything and gets everything clear as a whistle for me.

I know what songs to work on after thinking like this, I know what melodies need to be rehearsed.

I know a lot but a lot in the game of music is really just a piece of the pie. And a small one at that.

Applying what you know will really make you a master. Just envision the old composers mastering their craft.

Fully focused, no distractions. Music in their head. Pencils in their hands. Staff paper in front of them.


Examples of some goals:

Play with more dynamics every time I pick up my guitar.

Play faster.

Play cleaner.

Finish that song.

Finish that album.

Start writing something new.

Write and compose every day.

Again this has to be you who decides your goals, no one can do it for you.

Final thoughts:


What I Mean by Feast Like a Beast?

The same way you pig out on Thanksgiving or Christmas… do it for your GOALS.

Devour them. Read them. Write them.

Enhance them. Make them crystal clear. Be able to explain them in a few seconds.

Do it with Hunger in your eyes. With passion on your heart.

Don’t worry about what others think.

Now go.

Go have a feast.

And I’ll leave you with this question…

“What are you Hungry for?”

Be a Beast.