This is an article about writing Harmony. (The Chords)..for GUITAR.

It would take much more to write a song with a bass line, melody, vocals and other instruments.

So that being said..Lets get started.


Im gonna make this ASAP.

“As Simple As Possible.”

Pick a key.

Or a chord on your guitar.

Figure out the key. If you cannot do this or dont know how…START HERE.

Start with that chord as your root.

Move around the neck with other chords and single notes.

If you like come up with a riff or a groove on your guitar.

If you want a more melodic effect use chords. Play the chords clean.

Improvise on your guitar or guitars…til you get an idea that lasts 4 bars. Then repeat that idea for another 4-8 bars.



Come up with an Intro.

Use that same idea you just came up with and play it above the twelfth fret. For 4 bars. This will serve as your intro.


For the chorus

Play those chords or that same idea on distortion.

Or you can come up with a “Change.” Something that contrasts your first part. Like 4 new chords or another riff or groove for 8 bars.

If you came up with a riff. Come up w some chords.

Thats contrast.

You can also change the style or rhythm in which u play the next part.

Repeat Everything you came up with so far.

Now for The Bridge

Use 4 new chords for the bridge and perhaps a different rhythm but not necessary.

The Final Choruses

Repeat the chorus 2x.

If you had a groove. Repeat the groove as an outdo or coda if you wish.


Listen to my attempt here.

Total time : 20 minutes.


Note: This is just a method to come up with an idea without letting procrastination get in the way. This song must now be rehearsed, refined and re-recorded. Don’t think this is the final product.


Post  your attempt here I’d love to hear it .

Til’ next time.


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