How to Succeed – In a Few Choice Words. 

You get out a paper and pencil and write down what you have to do for the entire week. Dont worry about the details. Just write it out and get used to the act of writing things out. This simple action breeds CLARITY. You will see on paper, that a lot of the shit you write down is bullshit. You need to learn to decipher whats important and what better way to do it than to have it all right down in front of you. Write down what you need to do tomorrow, and then the whole week. Again, things will change so just dont worry about shit, do shit. Act on shit. Act on your ideas. Fail. Fail so much that you eventually stumble upon success. One day you will wake up and say, wow, Im here. Im in success land and it feels great.

Time to train my mind, lift some weights and crush it on the guitar. Hit me up if you need anything or a kick in the ass. Im here to help.