How to Read Music – Article 1

Everyone already knows face and every good boy does fine.

If you don’t you can find it easily anywhere on the Internet.

I’m going to dive into reading music right away.

In order to read music you must read music.

That wasn’t a typo. For those of you who believe me you don’t need to read on all you need to do is keep reading music.

The way you learn to read music is the same way you learn to read a book, open the book and start reading.

For those of you who need more convincing than that I’ll try to convince you of what I already said.

When was the last time you picked up an actual score? Was it five minutes ago or five weeks ago Maybe it’s been five years.

Maybe you havent begun reading music because you don’t think you can.

Maybe you don’t read music because it’s not important to you. If its not important to you then you don’t even have to be reading this article. Flat out honest truth.

You have to have a desire.

You have to have a desire to read music

If there is no desire then you will never read music.

Why even try to read music if you don’t WANT to read music. There has to be a WANT.

If there is no WANT there is no reading. It’s a simple, plain and obvious truth.

Stop what you’re doing right now and pick up your book or visit and start analyzing a score.

Stop reading cheesy childrens music. You stopped reading music because they made you think you had to read Mary had a Little Lamb.

Well, that lamb has been slaughtered and Mary aint here no more. Shes probably 105 and way down deep in her coffin.

Check out this Chopin analysis.

If you’ve never read before, start with the first measure.


Where do I Start?

Figure out all the notes in the first measure of the highest instrument.

Do not worry about anything else OK.

Here I’m gonna show you how to read music but I’m not going to go into the cookie-cutter bull that all these books go into talking about eighth notes and all this crap.

We will learn as we go.

A lot of the times we start reading music and we have to go through this pre-period of learning what the notes are, the new values and its so boring that people quit.

Well guess what…you’re not going to quit this time.

I’m going to take you right to it.

I can read music.

I do not know how to read music as quickly as I would like to so I decided to write this article and the following articles so that both you and I can benefit.

I’m not here to lie to you. I am here to help you.

I am also here to help me. Because if I don’t help me I can’t help you and vice versa, as with anything in life.

If you do not help yourself I cannot help you.

You MUST pick up scores and read. You dont need your instrument…yet.

So pick up a score, nail that first measure and do not use your instrument.

You are simply going to read music right now, you’re not going to use your instrument.

For those of you that are more advanced, do not use your instrument. Scroll through the score first.

There are always notes or sections or motives that repeat. These repetitions will make it easier for you to read an entire piece start to finish.

Will go into this in future articles.

For now…like I said…decipher that first measure.

See you in the next article.