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The following are exercises you should get used to. This way, your playing will sound great and your fingers will be trained.

There are no songs only exercises.

Aim to begin your practice sessions with exercises and then go into songs. This is just my way of practicing but I find it to be the most efficient and most endorphin producing.

When you actually start to play your songs you play better because your fingers are all warmed up and if you do it right they will be on fire.

As an old buddy used to say: “Do it Right.”

Bass 2 String Arpeggios
Bass 2 String Ex 1
Bass 3 and 4 String Arpeggios
Bass Harmonic Minor Chords
Bass Harmonic Minor Scale
Bass Melodic Minor Chords
Bass Modes (7 Positions of the Major Scale)
Bass Sequence 1
Bass Speed 1
Bass Speed Scale Lick
Bass Warmup (the claw)
Diminished Scales
Harmonic Minor Modes
Odd Meters 1
Rhtyhm w 16 notes and 32nd notes
Sequence 2 and 3
Triplets and Quadruplets Bass
Whole Tone Scales