How to Get and Maintain Guitar Speed

Guitar Speed

In the following article I will show you how to get and maintain your guitar speed. The maintaining part is easier. The getting there is the long haul.

Prepare for the long haul and you won’t get any shitty frustrated days. From my experience this all comes from a mindset of haste. Trying to get somewhere, someplace…too quickly.

To get any kind of guitar speed… Composure is key.

Nothing more than 2 or 4. For those 2-4 notes speed them up as fast as you can then forget about them.

Now go to the next 4 notes and learn those and speed those up as much as you can.

Use a metronome…

After you can get these 4 notes down at a good speed you should then and only then combine them.

Then finally add the final note with some vibrato or whatever you like…you can continue without stopping as a loop.

Your ability to get faster at guitar will highly depend on your discipline and your ability to maintain your composure without going haywire with excitement.

This ONLY leads to bad habits. Go Slow. Getting guitar speed is going slow…first…then fast. Not the other way around.

Walk before you run.

Notice that sometimes I pause before I start again. This is crucial in the beginning as it gives you time to compose yourself.


Composure here is key.

Also remember that you do not have to use this lick at all. I just really liked this lick and thought it would make for a good video.

Take whatever lick you have and use the steps shown here and you will master every lick.

You might not be that fast at first but dont worry you’ll get there with

…hard work and perseverance.

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