Guitar Player Affirmations

I thought I’d put this out there since I use these and it totally 100 percent empowers my practice sessions.

I wanted to put it on a canvas in nice big, bold letters to put it up in my room but I’ve been a lazy ass about that.

I just pick up my guitar instead. But seriously, sooner or later this will happen and I will post a pic on my Instagram account.

Mindset is EVERYTHING. Think you can and you will.

“I am a bad ass m*therf*cking guitar player.”

Thats numero uno right there.

Even if you don’t believe it just say it. Try it before you knock it. It might do you wonders in the guitar practice room.

“My vibrato sings.” You can even add….like Paganini’s Stradivarius.

“My arpeggios cut through the air like the sharpest knife.”

“My chord choices hit you like a ton of bricks and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

“My solos strike the hearts of men like lightning strikes trees.”

“I play so fast bumblebees are jealous.”

“My rhythm playing is tight AF.” (as Fuck)

“Both my heart and my mind are filled with never ceasing, creative ideas.”

“I have Badass tone.”

“I play rhythm clean as fuck.”

“Nothing can stop me because I will never quit.”

“I am laser focused on what I NEED to practice.”

“The songs that I play, whether covers or originals, kick f*cking ass.”

“My right hand is lethal.”

“My alternate picking is exceptional.”

“My left fretting hand is as agile as can be.”

“My left hand fretting hand is an accurate, four-legged spider that hits exact notes on command.”

These are just some of mine. You should eventually write your own but feel free to take these.

You should write your own because they will be more personal to you. Mine might not be exactly what you want to say to yourself. Take some time to think about what it is exactly that you want.

Mindset is key. Its crucial.

But don’t start giving too many fucks about it. Know that you are a badass inside. Know that he or she is in you because he or she is.

Its the only thing that matters. Its what will either break you or make you. Weak minds get ripped to shreds.

It sets one guitar player apart from the other.

It really does.

Think about the guy who doesn’t believe in himself (whom you’ve never heard about) and then think about…lets say…Yngwie Malmsteen for instance.

Does he set himself apart from everyone else (even though most consider him arrogant)?

What about SRV?

Steve Vai?

Joe Satriani?

John Petrucci?

Zakk Wylde?

George Bellas?

George Lynch?

Michael Romeo?

Dimebag Darrell?

Alexi Laiho?

Jeff Loomis?

Do these guys ooze confidence?

I believe they do.