For the past 8 years kids, teenagers and adults have been studying and learning the guitar here at the Mike Soca School of Music. Any student who walks through these doors or the door of any other music school will benefit from being around other like minded people.

The fact is that anyone who is humble and willing enough to learn the guitar can learn to play in a matter of months.

Simple, short pieces of music is the key to learning the guitar. Take small chunks at a time, get good at them, and then mesh them together.

You can learn something simple in a matter of a few minutes. I know this because its been happening in my music studio for the past 8 years.

If you have a child or teenager with a sincere desire to learn, I guarantee that he or she will learn here.

Get started today and learn one of the most popular instruments of all time.



Electric guitar.

Acoustic guitar.

Classical guitar.

Keyboard and piano.

Bass guitar.




Rock lessons

Metal lessons

Blues lessons

Classical Music


Songs and technique.

I keep it very simple. I divide the time between a piece of music and technique. I believe this to be the way to best learn the guitar. Songs are always the goal.


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