5 Rules for Going Pro

This is a short post, because it doesn’t need to be long, you just have to decide.

Read on…

“Im goin pro.” Thats what I said to myself, then I did.

Thats it.


The Rules

1) Read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

2) Decide to go pro. You decide in your head, and nothing further, that you are a professional. Turning pro doesn’t mean that you wait for else someone to tell you that you are pro. You must turn pro on your own.

3) Develop a pro work ethic. Going pro means you are a pro with a work ethic that consists of consistency. Many who fail, fail due to a lack of consistency. You have to warmup, you have to attack aggressively and you have to be relentless.

4) Take Action every single good god damn day of your life. Not only do you have to pick up your instrument but you have to get better each day. 1 thing to get better at each day if not you are staying stagnant. Don’t stay stagnant, it doesn’t do you any good. Action Jackson is the name of the game. If you are not moving in about 5 seconds, you should be.

5) Without a record you are not a pro, dead in the water, non-existent. What professional has not a record? Decide to go pro and write that record. Finish it and be done with it. Most people will probably not listen to it anyway. True, loyal fans will and they will become fans when you actually finish something. You can’t be a pro without a record.



  1. Read Turning pro.
  2. Decide to go pro.
  3. Develop a work ethic.
  4. Take Action every day.
  5. Finish your Record.

Check out my record, and my books.


Decide you will go pro right now this very second!!

Going pro is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Stay tuned for the next article…Its chock filled with motivation.