Learning Songwriting, Technique and Cover Songs from a Guitar Teacher


Whether you want to write songs, improve your technique or learn cover songs I’ve got you covered.

A guitar teacher will get you where you want to go faster. It’s like driving a Ferrari out to the middle of the country versus waiting for the bus. 

Check out the free lessons on the blog and if you want more instruction contact me through the contact page or simply give me a call. I will get back to you the same day.

Ive taught many students over the years. A guitar teacher is a mentor, a guide, a helper, a liberator from your frustrations all rolled up into one.

Im not an expert. Yet. I do not have a degree in music. I failed out of sight singing out of college. That didn’t stop me from pursuing music. I went on to take many music electives.

I took lessons from professional guitar players and have a songwriting certificate from Berklee music online. Im just a guy who fell in love with music and the guitar and love to spread what Ive learned.

Ive written many songs and compositions. Some good some not so good. But thats the nature of the game. Somewhere along my journey I wanted to become a guitar teacher. So I did.


Books, Oh How I Love Books

Like most guitar teachers, I have an entire bookshelf filled with guitar instructional, music theory and composition books. This doesnt include the books on my kindle app, my iBooks, or my audible books.

Im a complete fanatic of music theory. I eat, sleep and drink music. Every day. If you would like to know more I would love to share what I know with you.

See in life its not about learning from other people all the time such as schools. Its about learning and doing what you WANT no matter what obstacles are thrown at you. I could’ve simply given up after the (F) I received in sight singing.

But I pushed myself, learned more, sought instruction somewhere else and got better instruction than I could ever imagine. See in schools they dont teach rock guitar. They teach classical and jazz.

I went straight to the pros themselves and learned from them. I got my own guitar teachers and still do. They were all online classes. And today I’m a immensely better player than I was back then.

You can be too. I guarantee you my 100 percent effort in taking you to the next level.

For ONLINE AND OFFLINE LESSONS with a guitar teacher contact me here.