What Are You Thinking

In this lesson we are going to cover one of the mental aspects of playing guitar.

This is simply a read through but do take it very seriously.

You may even want to write some crucial things down that are talked about in the final paragraphs.

So what is it that you are thinking about when you pick up your instrument? Is your mind’s eye focused on playing well in the next few moments, or is it somewhere else?

If your thinking about anything else its working against you. You’re making it harder for yourself to learn and master the piece of music in front of you whether it be music, a lesson or a technical thing.


We are always thinking about something.

The mind is always occupied by some thing that we may not be consciously aware of but with a little awareness you’ll begin to see that you might not be as focused as you could be.

Are you thinking about the scale in front of you or are you half thinking about it, sort of in a hurry to get to the next practice item or that tv show that we’ve recorded for later.

Are you thinking about a person, a place, or event?

Fact is, you should be totally, 100 percent, laser-focused on whats in front of you.

If you’re distracted by something try to get undistracted by closing the door, turning off the tv or going someplace quieter.


Negative Thinking

Sometimes we are thinking negative thoughts which turn into patterns when we practice.

You gotta be aware of this or it will become a habit.

This is tricky because we may simply be thinking a subtle thought such as “I’m never gonna get this done tonight,” or, “I’m never gonna be able to play at this speed ,” which may be true thoughts but they’re still in a negative fashion and they are working against you whether you like it or not.

Our minds attract what we think about.

So if you’re thinking these kind of things, change these thoughts immediately to “I might not get this done tonight, but I’m gonna give it my all, 100 percent, and i’ll have this done before I know it.”

“I may not play at this speed by the end of this month, but I sure as hell will be able to soon enough.”

You can think anything in the positive nature that will EMPOWER you and not disempower you.

Try this one “I’m the best player I can be rIght now and Im getting better and better every day.”

Repeat this to yourself several times all the way up to 100 times if you wish.

Do it everyday for 30 days and hold yourself accountable.

The point is that you BELIEVE it. If you are practicing like you should be you WILL get better every day.


Positive Thinking

Thinking proactively about your playing is very important. Think about playing well and playing with passion.

Think this on purpose. Write it down in your practice book so that you start to believe it and use it to your advantage.

“Im getting better and better every day.”

Thinking this will automatically paint a picture in your head of a positive nature.

Picture yourself wailing on your guitar (in control) but wailing nonetheless. If you can’t see yourself this way all it means is that you haven’t done this enough times to develop a strong, vivid picture in your head.

You can look up images on the internet of your favorite players, print them out and hang them on your wall, you can buy posters etc..

Whatever you gotta do for yourself…do it. You should be thinking positive, empowering thoughts EVERY TIME you pick up your guitar.

Visualize yourself playing well while having these positive thoughts in your head and you might just become unstoppable.


  • My technique is clean.
  • I know all my chords and I can strum them and transition ever so cleanly from one to the other.
  • I know all my scales like the back of my palm.
  • I can improvise like a pro.
  • I play rhythm guitar tightly.
  • When people hear me play they are impressed.
  • I practice every day even if my ass falls off. This is my favorite.
  • Im a speed villain.
  • Im a guitar master.
  • When I play guitar I emit bolts of lightning that strike the souls of men.

Now Make up your own. The point is that you do this and do it every time.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below.